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It may take some time for the boss and players to reach an agreement in collective bargaining. Once the offseason resumes, Jed Hoyer and Carter Hawkins still have some work to do. The front desk duo made a major upgrade to the list almost deliberately, but the team still has some loopholes that need attention. Both executives have received solid B points for their actions so far, even though the overall score is still incomplete.

Chicago took five actions this winter:

The Cubs still need a starter who can throw flames, a shortstop, and possibly an outfielder. These additions will greatly help establish the necessary depth and become a viable playoff contender. There are several rumors linking Carlos Correa with Chicago, and one of them suggests that the Cubs and Yankees are common favorites to sign the superstar infielder. Even if Hoyer and Hawkins meet Correa's requirements, they should have enough money to sign a decent outfielder.

Assuming that the Cubs do sign Correa, adding Chris Bryant, Kyle Schwab and Nick Castellanos might be a bit too expensive. In any case, Hoyer may not want to bring back any former cubs. Seiya Suzuki may be an option, but Cubs is not currently listed as one of the favorites for signing Japanese imports. Again, Chicago is not considered a possible destination for Stroman. Available options include Jorge Soler, Michael Conforto, Eddie Rosario, Andrew McCutchen, Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson.

The front desk may have to go the trade route to get an exciting starter. If they are willing to move senior players like Contreras, Ian Harp or Brelin Marquez, they have ammunition to get The best rotation candidate. When the Dodgers acquired Max Scherzer and Trea Turner from the Nationals, Washington acquired top pitcher Josiah Gray, receiver Keibert Ruiz, and minor league deep players of Gerardo Carrillo and Donovan Casey.

Hoyer and Hawkins may not want to trade from the top of their minor league system. However, if the two really believe in the future of DJ Herz, Caleb Kilian and Jordan Wicks, then moving Márquez or Adbert Alzolay and seizing the prospect of Miguel Amaya can provide the necessary conditions for the Cubs to enter the World Series. If Chicago is also willing to add one or two, this type of package may be enough to get Frankie Montas and Matt Olsen from the A team. With a good depth of infield and outfield, adding players like Nico Hoerner, Kevin Made, Ed Howard, Chase Strumpf or Cole Roederer as a lottery for any potential transaction may be enough to accomplish something.

A blockbuster trade like this can make Frank Schwendel the team’s designated hitter and allow the Cubs to give up signing an outfielder, relying on Jason Hayward, Rafael Ortega, and Ha A rotation of Pu, Ramirez and possibly Frazier. Brennen Davis may also be an option as early as the opening day.

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In addition to O'Neill, Jill Hodges, Jim Carter, Minnie Mignoso, Tony Oliva, and Bud Fowler were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame through the Times Committee process on Sunday.

Minhoso won the praise of Oliva for his achievements in Major League Baseball and his work of coaching Cuban-born players.

Dick Allen entered the Hall of Fame by one vote.

Today, former Dodgers outfielder Yasser Puig is not satisfied with the baseball media.

Correa, Bryant and Schwab top the list of the best remaining free agents.

According to reports, the Yankees have contacted the Rangers regarding the trade of shortstop Isiah Kiner-Falefa.

Justin Verlander (Justin Verlander) is still technically a free agent and is stuck in the CBA because his two-year, $50 million deal has not yet officially taken effect.

The league brought up several non-negotiable topics to players in the CBA discussion.

Just like Bud Selig before it, Rob Manfred should be regarded as a typical representative of malicious negotiation and collective bargaining poisoning, which well continues to the next point.

In a guest column on Yahoo Sports, Smith College Economics Professor Andrew Zimbalist stated that while reporting on contract negotiations, the media has done a good job in raising the temperature of ongoing negotiations with “seditious rhetoric”. .

The current labor disputes boil down to the same problem that has plagued manufacturing unions in recent years: a salary structure in which young workers may never be paid more than those with longer tenure.

In the game initiated by Kerry Wood in May 1998, a 99 mph heater and a broken ball with a bent knee proved to be too much for a crumbling Astros team. This is one of the best performances in MLB history.

O'Neal talking about legendary players Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson is the best way to tell a story in baseball.

Buck O'Neill discusses Satchel Paige facing Josh Gibson. #CongratsBuckHOF

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Today, Cubs pitcher prospect Ethan Roberts will join Rant Live. He recently joined the 40-man lineup...

Major League Baseball provides a list of leagues on non-negotiation topics, including arbitrage expansion, early FA status, additional services...

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