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2021-11-16 07:44:16 By : Mr. Jason Li

Analytic Stress believes in excellent talents and great opportunities.

Since the company was established in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1979, Analytic Stress has been recruiting and retaining the best talents in the heat treatment industry, while taking advantage of opportunities to develop, expand and adapt to customer needs.

Analytic Stress Relieving Inc. started when its female founder purchased the heat treatment department of a small inspection company that provided services to local oilfield manufacturers. More than forty years later, Analytic Stress is still a privately held company 100% owned by its original founder female, and has developed into one of the most experienced and respected heat treatment contractors in the country. Analytic Stress has 14 strategic offices across the country, ready to meet all your heat treatment needs safely and efficiently with the highest level of quality and customer service. Although the company has achieved significant development since its establishment, Analytic Stress has always remained true to its commitment to safety, quality and customer service, while embodying a family-oriented culture.

The true value of Analytic Stress lies in the legacy of more than 40 years of focusing on heat treatment. Analytic Stress is proud to be the heat treatment company with the longest history in the industry. Although technology and other incremental measures are important, getting the job done is the foundation. Analytic Stress has a dedicated safety, quality and training department. The combination of employee retention rate with Analytic Stress experience and well-maintained equipment and procedures has created a history of excellence. As one of the only heat treatment contractors that provide a full range of heat treatment services, Analytic Stress is well-known for its technological advancements, including thermal wave wireless technology and American Welding Association D10.10 Pipeline local heating weld recommended practice expertise and pipeline, induction and combustion.

Analytic Stress is the first heat treatment contractor to set up a dedicated safety department, and the company has always been the industry leader in safety. By combining comprehensive policies and procedures, while also emphasizing its application in the workplace, Analytic Stress's safety department instills a safety culture to provide customers with a safe and efficient workforce.

The company’s training department is not only committed to ensuring that its employees are always in a leading position in creating best practices for the heat treatment industry, but it also provides young workers with opportunities to learn and advance their careers. Analytic Stress recently completed a state-of-the-art training facility in La Porte, Texas, which proves that the company is committed to providing customers with the largest and most skilled workforce in the industry.

Creating value for customers is the top priority of Analytic Stress, and adopting technology is one of the ways the company achieves this goal. Analytic Stress built its innovative Heatwave system to provide industry-leading quality and reliability. Heatwave utilizes a remote control room, which is conveniently located away from the highly crowded turnover area. The system also allows fewer technicians to monitor equipment on site while maintaining a chain of custody of all thermal cycle data that never leaves the site, thereby providing safety and cost advantages. The control room is also used as a central location to observe all on-site work reports in real time.

In January 2021, after a long period of work on the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast, Analytic Stress opened offices in Salt Lake City; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Minneapolis; and the Chicago area. These offices enable Analytic Stress to deploy the largest fleet of equipment in the industry and provide an operating base for its supervisors and technicians to serve customers in the Midwest and Rocky Mountains.

In Analytic Stress, "more equipment, more technicians, more experience" is not just a slogan; it is reality. Analytic Stress is proud of its past and focuses on the future.

For more information, please visit www.analyticstress.com or call (337) 237-8790.

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