Induction heating machine manufacturer HLQ Induction Equipment Co. Ltd now provides IGBT and KGPS generators

2021-11-16 07:44:34 By : Mr. Jacky Chan

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Induction heating machine supplier HLQ Induction Equipment Co. Ltd has launched IGBT and KGPS generator series.

Qingdao, China, January 30, 2020/PRNewswire/ - The famous induction heating machine manufacturer HLQ Induction Equipment Co., Ltd. recently launched the IGBT and KGPS generator series. The company specializes in the manufacture and marketing of induction heating machines and has been operating in this industry for more than 18 years. The equipment covers a complete induction hardening system, air-cooled induction heating machine, automatic induction forging furnace, flexible induction brazing machine, copper and aluminum melting induction furnace.

Induction heating machines use unique technology and electrical components, which are more advanced than products on the market today. After the recent development within the company, the entity pays more attention to research and development, and at the same time pays more attention to quality after-sales services. I heard General Manager Ca Li say: "We work strictly in accordance with ISO 9000-2000. HLQ Induction Equipment Co. has won a good reputation for its high quality."

He added: “Induction heating happens to be a fast, ideal, and effective non-contact process that uses electromagnetic fields to heat conductive materials in order to build currents in the materials. That said, copper melting surfaces are comparable to other heating methods. Compared with the use of induction heating technology, it has high cost-effectiveness. IGBT/KGPS induction blank heating forging furnace is mainly used for forging brass, copper and iron steel bars. Electric induction melting furnace is mainly used for melting aluminum, iron, steel, yellow Copper, copper and stainless steel. IGBT/KGPS induction generator power supply is the generator of IGBT/KGPS industrial melting furnace and induction forging furnace."

"We also operate induction blank heaters, IGBT induction heating machines, handheld induction brazing machines, induction post-welding heat treatment machines, high, medium and ultra high frequency series, blank forging furnaces, chillers, induction bearing heaters, magnetic grinding Customers can contact us at any time and we will be very happy to help them. If they have any questions, they can go directly to the "Consultation section of our website," Ask about our services. We will reply in the shortest time," said the chairman of the hand-held induction brazing heater manufacturing company.

HLQ Induction Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of induction heating machines, headquartered in Shandong, with multiple branches in China.

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