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2021-11-16 07:43:20 By : Ms. Cathy Lv

Carimali launched the Heylo brand at the HOSTMilano trade show in Milan, Italy last month. All images are provided by Heylo.

Italian espresso equipment manufacturer Carimali has launched a new sub-brand called Heylo, which will soon launch a series of coffee and milk equipment using induction heating technology.

The two machines shipped from Heylo include an espresso machine and a separate milk heater/foamer, which can stand alone, stand side by side or be part of a larger modular setup.

Each espresso module is a single-group espresso brewer without a boiler, heating water through induction technology. Each milk module will also have induction heating and foam from the air valve instead of hot steam.

Heylo espresso machine/module.

Carimali's sensing technology was first shown at the HostMilano trade show in Italy in 2019, and the company introduced the Heylo brand to the public at the same venue last month.

"Now, legally speaking, it is a sub-brand," Heylo's marketing content expert Diana Zuluaga told The Daily Coffee News. "But marketing and brand promotion are completely independent, and even develop in different directions."

Although Carimali has been focusing on traditional and super automatic espresso machines, as well as traditional and Slingshot brand grinders, Heylo will lead all work related to induction technology.

Previous attempts to apply induction technology to coffee heating water took the form of La Fenice espresso and drip coffee machines. It raised more than US$200,000 through a Kickstarter event in 2014, but ultimately failed to go into production.

Heylo told DCN that it has nothing to do with the people or technology associated with the La Fenice project and started developing its own induction heating solution four years ago.

Heylo system demonstration led by the 2018 World Barista Champion Agnieszka Rojewska (left).

Heylo's boiler-less system is designed to quickly heat a small amount of water or milk for coffee beverages as needed by directing liquid to a conductive metal tube surrounded by electromagnetic induction coils.

According to Heylo, when not actively brewing, the only power consumed by Heylo's espresso module is the digital touch screen. The company said that when operating the espresso module, the machine will consume approximately 600-700 watts or less of electricity.

Zuluaga told DCN that users can adjust the water temperature during a single extraction for temperature analysis. Flow and pressure analysis can also be performed through the touch screen.

The milk module uses two sensors instead of one to operate, provides a longer heating path, and is designed for more precise temperature control than through steam. The milk is frothed through a steam-free fresh air valve that does not require heating, allowing the choice of cold frothed milk.

The two modules can also be installed in the reservoir or in the airborne reservoir.

Zuluaga said: "We want to launch these two products at the same time so that we can demonstrate the entire solution." "For the professional market, an espresso machine without a milk option is incomplete."

The Heylo espresso and milk module, which has not been officially named, is scheduled to go on sale in the spring of 2022.

Howard Bryman Howard Bryman is the associate editor of the roasting magazine "Daily Coffee News". He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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