Dbf-104L Dongrui Bolt Machine Bolt Forming Machine

This machine is fully automatic and high-speed forming equipment. Suit for bellow products.1. DIN. AISI. GB. Standard fasteners2. Non-standard fasteners and massive produced metal parts for automotive electronic and steel structure etc.ModelUnitDBF-104LDBF-134LDBF-134L-ExtendedForging stationNO.444Forging forceKgf80.000120.00012

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This machine is fully automatic and high-speed forming equipment. Suit for bellow products.
1. DIN. AISI. GB. Standard fasteners
2. Non-standard fasteners and massive produced metal parts for automotive electronic and steel structure etc.
Forging stationNO.444
Forging forceKgf80.000120.000120.000
Max.cut-off dia.mmΦ12Φ15Φ15
Max.cut-off lengthmm185190265
Output ratepcs/min80-13075-11050-80
P.K.O Strokemm304040
K.O Strokemm160175225
Main ram strokemm262270380
Main motor powerKw303737
Overall dims.of cut off diemmΦ45*59LΦ63*69LΦ63*69L
Overall dims.of punch diemmΦ53*115LΦ60*130LΦ60*229L
Overall dims.of main diemmΦ75*185LΦ86*190LΦ86*305L
Die pitchmm94110110
Applicable bolt diamm6-108-12.78-12.7
Shank length of blankmm20-15220-16040-220
Overall dims.mm9000*3500*290010000*3800*290011000*3800*3000
Multi-Station Cold Upsetting Formers
Main Material and Brand of Standard Configuration
  1. Machine body is made of HT300 high quality gray cast iron by Taiwan fund enterprise.
  2. Main sliding table is made of QT700 ductile iron cast by Taiwanese fund enterprise.
  3. Main crank shaft is made of 42CrMo forging alloy steel after Nitriding Treatment.
  4. All cams, rolling wheels and slide gibs are made of material SKD-11 high carbon and high chromium alloy tool steel after whole body vacuum hardening.
  5. Gripping plate is made of aero hard aluminum after hard anodizing treatment .
  6. Main die holder is made of 42CrMo forging alloy steel.
  7. Wearing workpiece all are made of material 38CrMoAI alloy structural steel after hard Nitriding Treatment.
  8. All copper sleeves and brasses of the machine are made of PBC-2 .
  9. The bottom of front and back wing of main sliding table is adopted super wearing graphite inserted PBC-2 copper plate with self lubrication
  10. Non-Oil self-lubricating bearings are qualified to improve the application life and abrasion resistance of the coupling shaft as well as reduce energy consumption
  11. Air clutch is adopted famous international product.
  12. Adopting international brand converter.
  13. Adopting Japan Mitsubishi PLC.
  14. Adopting Japan NSK and IKO bearing.
  15. Lubricating pump, cooling pump are made by TSWU KWAN from Taiwan.
Arrangement List
  1. Standard configuration of DBF and DBP Serial multi-station Cold Upsetting Former (For each set ).
  1. One unit of standard material straightening system (Suitable for Model DBF-134L and below models )
  2. One unit of standard feeding wheel and hold down device .
  3. One unit of standard stand alone material unwinding and straightening system with cylinder compression device (Suitable for Model DBF-164s and above models)
  4. One unit of standard feeding mechanism
  5. One unit of standard shearing mechanism,
  6. One unit of gripping mechanism.
  7. One set of standard clutch of pneumatic brake .
  8. One set of punching tool device
  9. One set of main tool device
  10. One unit of standard lubrication / cooling system .
  11. One unit of standard air compression system .
  12. One set of standard AC motor plus imported converter .
  13. One set of fully sealed safety hood.
  14. One unit of standard conveyor .
  15. One unit of standard handling frame.
  16. One set of standard external gripping device.
  17. One kit of standard manual tools.
  18. One set of standard wear parts.
  19. One standard external electric console .
  20. One standard electric operating box.
  21. One set of standard safety device
A. Detection for air pressure   B. Detection for short feeding and material finishing off   C.  Detection for over load of main motor      D.  End point detection for oil pressure   E. Setting for products volume(The end of counting)
F.   Check up for safety device of cover's door   G..  Safe switch for emergency stop   H.  Overload protection for small motor .
22. One piece of standard magnetic portable lamp.
23. One auxiliary compressed air pot (Suitable for Model DBF-204L and above models ).

  1. Option for all serial multi-station Cold Upsetting Former (For each set)
  1. One set of fully sealed covers with sound insulator.
  2. Hydraulic station
  3. K.O length adjustment by a hand wheel
  4. Stopper length adjustment by a hand wheel
  5. Electrical feeding length

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