10kw energy-saving heating equipment laboratory heat treatment furnace

10kw Energy-saving Heating Equipment Lab Thermal Treatment Furnace   Main features:1. Furnace chamber material use vacuum formed Al2O3 ceramic fiber materials, no powder pull off under high temperature, small heat capacity, and energy saving more than 50%.2. Double layer structure. Lower t

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10kw Energy-saving Heating Equipment Lab Thermal Treatment Furnace   

Main features:
1. Furnace chamber material use vacuum formed Al2O3 ceramic fiber materials, no powder pull off under high temperature, small heat capacity, and energy saving more than 50%.
2. Double layer structure. Lower teperature in outside case.
3. Heating element is Silicon Molybdenum rod, which can bear large and provide a long life.
4. Microcomputer PID control module, enabling precise temperature control and constant temperature requirements
5. SCR temperature controller with 2groups/16 segments programmable.
6. With over temperature alarm and electrical leakage protection for safety and reliability.

Vacuum performance:
The design of double door, flange sealing and PTFE sealing ring, which can ensure the chamber sealing.
The furnace can work under vacuum condition as well as the inert gas.
Can connect a metal pipe, to conduct harmful gas generated under high temperature to a specified place.

Maximum temperature1700ºC(for short time)
Continuous working temperature 1650ºC 
Heating rate0-15ºC/min

Chamber size
Temperature control16 steps programmable and PID automatic control
VoltageAC380V 3 Phase,50/60 Hz
Heating elementMoSi2 rod
Furnace atmosphereVacuum or Nitrogen, Argon and other inert gases

Standard accessories
high temperature gloves 1 pair, crucible tong 1pc, furnace door block 1pc, Al2O3 sample block 1pc,power line 1 pc
Warranty One year limited warranty (Consumable parts such as thermocouple and heating elements are not covered by the warranty.)
ModelVolumeChamber size W×L×HMax.temperatureOperating temp.VoltagePowerHeating elementVacuum degree
STZ-3-163L150×150×150mm1600ºC1550ºC380V4KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-10-1610L200×250×200mm1600ºC1550ºC380V6KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-15-1615L250×250×250mm1600ºC1550ºC380V6KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-20-1620L250×320×250mm1600ºC1550ºC380V8KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-36-1636L300×400×300mm1600ºC1550ºC380V10KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-3-173L150×150×150mm1700ºC1650ºC380V4KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-10-1710L200×250×200mm1700ºC1650ºC380V6KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-15-1715L250×250×250mm1700ºC1650ºC380V6KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-20-1720L250×320×250mm1700ºC1650ºC380V8KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
STZ-36-1736L300×400×300mm1700ºC1650ºC380V10KWMoSi2 rod-0.098MPa
Optional component:
Optional large screen paperless recorder, to achieve real-time temperature curve recorded with a memory card of experimental data analysis and printing.
Packaging & Shipping  
1) Packing:  from the inside to outer packaging, is foam sponge, carton, wooden case.
2) Transport modes: Sea or Air transportation, TNT, DHL express or FedEx.
3) Please make sure the 'shipping address' is your confirmed address.
4) We do check everything in good condition before we ship your parcel out. 
5) We will process your order ASAP after payment is confirmed.
About us:
1. We are a leading and professional enterprise that specializes in the manufacture of high temperature muffle Furnaces
2. Our products have a number of technical patents and have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and CE certificate.
3. Our products covers 1000/1200/1300/1400/1600/1700ºC muffle furnace, tube furnace, vacuum box furnace, dual(multi) zone tube furnace, industrial furnace, elevator/bottom loading muffle furnace, car-type bottom furnace, etc.
4. After ten years of development, taking scientific and strict management system and first-class technology strength, Sante Furnace has provided lots of muffle furnaces for colleges and universities, research institutes, petrochemical plants, petroleum, smelting, casting, machinery manufacturing, military industry, and other industries in China and overseas.  

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