Kgps induction heating melting furnace steel aluminum

Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum Control cabinet: Melting furnace: KGPS medium induction melting furnace features: 1. Fast melting speed. 2. Melting molten steel quality, casting yield is high. 3. High power factor. During machine operation, power factor up to

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Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum 
Control cabinet: 
Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum
Melting furnace: 
Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum

KGPS medium induction melting furnace features: 

1. Fast melting speed. 
2. Melting molten steel qualitycasting yield is high. 
3. High power factor. During machine operationpower factor up to 97%. 
4. Strong antijamming abilityhigh frequency stability. 
5. Low power consumptionsaving more than 10%. 
6.100% success start rate. 
7. The main control board adopt connector interfaceso it is more convenient to maintenance. 
8. Series thyistor inverter adoptedmaking the SCR damage rate to a minimum.

Technical parameters of induction melting furnace: 
Model Technical Parameters
KGPS-250Rated power250KW
Working voltage 380V, 50~60Hz
MF frequency2000HZ
MF voltage750V
DC voltage500V
DC current500A
Rated melting capacity0.35T
Rated temperature1600ºC
Melting timeabout 20-45 min per batch
Closed cooling towerLNB-20T/h
Machine weight1.28T
Power control cabinet dimension(L*W*H)1580*950*2000mm
Furnace dimension(L*W*H)1250*900*900mm

The list item for whole set machine:
Item No. Name of machine or partsSpecificationQuantity
1 Power control cabinet-1 set
2Furnace body-1 or 2 sets
3Reducer boxRZS4311 set
4Water cooling cable240mm²2pcs
5Model of crucible-1 pcs
6User manual- 1 copy

Furnace structure features:
• The furnace body is made by thick aluminum alloy shell to reduce the magnetic leakage and ensure furnace body strength.
• The thick T2 standard copper tube is taken use for induction coil to provides high melting efficiency.
• Open type furnace hearth reduces moisture,and design cooling rings on the bottom, which extend the furnace lining life time.
• The titling is controlled by reducer gear box. The remote control panel can set the furnace in any position when titling. The max tilting angle is 95 degrees.
Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum
Installation Drawing: 
Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum
Medium frequency induction melting furnaces are mainly used for melting iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, silver, gold, platinum, tin and aluminum materials, etc.
Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum
Kgps Induction Heating Melting Furnace for Steel Iron Aluminum

Packaging: Induction melting furnace wrapped with plastic films and foam first, then put it into a standard export wooden case and fasten at last. (Can be customized if needed. )
Delivery: Within 7 working days after receiving your 

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