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2021-11-16 07:58:32 By : Mr. Hunter Huang

Videx has launched a new fully automatic hot forging line without robots, with six to ten machines, replacing the traditional separate forging presses and trimming operation machines.

The new production line, which debuted at the Stuttgart Fasteners Fair earlier this year, includes a bar feeder and bar shear for cutting bars to length-it can also start from wire coils. The production line also includes a chamfering machine with an optional turning station; an extruder, which extrudes the chamfered end from the large diameter to the medium diameter; an induction heating machine; a double blow solid die forging machine with five stations ——One feeding station, two forging stations and two ejection stations; cooling conveyor; and thread rolling machine.

The forging machines are available in 300 tons, 400 tons and 500 tons, suitable for M20 to M48, M64 and M76, and the length under the head is 200 mm-1,000 mm. The head (such as the hexagon) is formed in a closed mold and does not require trimming. The production speed is 4-6 parts per minute.

The chamfered and extruded bars are fed into the mold through a pneumatic piston. Then, the feed dial turns the part to the first forging station, which disturbs the part and destroys the scale. To complete the head shape, the part is then moved to the second forging station. After heading, the parts are ejected onto the conveyor belt, which transfers them to the cooling conveyor belt—saving intermediate storage and handling—and then put the parts into the thread rolling machine. These machines can be independent or complete production lines.

"This is the first and only real commercial solution, starting with raw materials and ending with a marketable product, making it unique," Videx Machine Engineering Ltd. commented. Long bolts up to 1,500 mm long, and only one operator is required to manage a single panel control. "

The high performance accuracy and low maintenance cost of Videx machines have attracted customers from all over the world. With its expanding program, 95% of Videx machines are sold to manufacturers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, South America, and other countries.

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