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Aqara Hub and many "children’s devices" are now officially launched on for the US market (although it seems to be no longer available), following the EU version, it seems to be in some countries in Northern Europe. Many people (including myself) have used Chinese plugs to go to Hub and have been playing for more than a year. One thing we noticed in the discussion about the Hub is that there is a lot of uncertainty and confusion surrounding what Aqara Hub does and what does not work, and there is a lack of information about what can be achieved. Therefore, in this article, we will try to answer as many questions as possible in order to prepare not only for those who have recently purchased the Hub, but also for those who already have and are confused about the Aqara system.

Setting up an account Okay, it’s pretty simple, but in order to make the most of your Hub and any related devices, you need to set up an account through Aqara or Xiaomi’s respective apps – Aqara Home or Xiaomi Home (formerly Xiaomi Home, hereafter referred to as Xiaomi) s home). Regarding the Aqara app, once you have set up your account and logged in, you need to choose a server. You have several choices, they are;

There are certain benefits to using each of these apps, so it depends on whether you plan to get a deeper understanding of the entire Xiaomi smart home ecosystem, or just stick to a device that works with a hub. You need to log in to use the Mijia app, but you don't need to log in to the Aqara app to use it, but if you are not logged in, you cannot create scenes or automations.

What is the difference between Mi Home and Aqara Home? The Mi Home app allows you to add an Aqara hub, but in order to get a complete experience from the hub, you should use a server related to the region where your hub belongs. Therefore, if you have a Chinese hub, the hub will work as expected when logging in to the Mi Home application, and the server is set to "Mainland China". If you have a US or European center, it is best to use a US or EU server.

The situation with the Aqara Home app is almost the same, although as mentioned earlier, you can still use the app after logging out, also known as HomeKit mode. Compared with the Mijia app, the Aqara app has a unique advantage, that is, the HomeKit mode; to use the Mijia app, you must log in first, but you can use the Aqara APP without logging in. Both the Mi Home and Aqara Home apps only allow you to add devices designated for the region, so for example, if you have signed and connected to a US server, you can only add devices that are officially supported in that region. If you exit the Aqara app and select HomeKit mode, and then try to add accessories, all devices compatible with the Aqara hub are available. For example, the recently released Aqara/Opple wireless switch is only designed for Chinese servers, but in the Aqara app, set to HomeKit mode, you can add these. In addition, once they are added, they will work normally even if you log in again using a US server.

The Mi Home app does have a big advantage over the Aqara app, although it has little to do with HomeKit, and it only makes sense when you start to diversify your smart home system to include non-HomeKit devices. With the Mi Home app, no matter which server you are connected to, you can access more devices that can be added to the app (not a dedicated hub). So, if you log in to the Mijia APP and set it to a US server, you can add cameras (currently eight models), smart plugs, smart bulbs from Xiaomi and Yeelight, induction cookers, air purifiers, Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensors with LCD screens , And a series of robot vacuum cleaners. All of these use Wifi (or Bluetooth for temperature sensors), so they cannot be used and do not require a hub.

Therefore, it needs to be clear that since these do not require a hub, they will not be exposed to HomeKit, but one advantage of having Aqara (or Mijia) devices is that they can get involved in two smart home systems. For example, you may have a Xiaomi smart fan that is not compatible with HomeKit, but through the Aqara temperature and humidity sensor compatible with HomeKit, it can also control the smart fan inside the Mijia. Below are a few simple automation examples that you can create in the Mi Home application using Aqara temperature sensor or Aqara motion sensor;

Aqara temperature sensor and Xiaomi smart fan

Aqara motion sensor and Roborock S6 Vaccum

* The 15-minute delay is so that if someone leaves the room/apartment temporarily, the vacuum cleaner will not start cleaning immediately, and will only start when there are no further motion detection events after 15 minutes have passed.

This of course means that you are getting a deep understanding of Xiaomi’s automation world, but if you want to use the Eve temperature sensor (Eve room) to control the same fan, then this is impossible, so it depends on how deep if you use Mi Home and Xiaomi Smart Device, then there is a lot of potential to control more devices in addition to HomeKit compatible sensors.

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The hub and HomeKit hub itself comes with HomeKit code, so if you are fully familiar with adding new devices through the Home app, it will be very easy for you, but it is recommended that you add the hub to the Mi homepage or Aqara homepage first, and then follow the screen The instructions on the operation. If you have a Chinese model, it will almost certainly start with some Mandarin voice instructions, but don’t worry, just follow the instructions on your phone, and after adding a hub, you can change the on-board voice to English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin And Cantonese. If you are using a US hub, the description should be set to English by default. Adding a hub will initially give you some instructions on how to prepare to install the hub, and then follow the normal HomeKit installation, requiring you to scan the HomeKit code, then the rest of the installation will only ask you to name the hub and add it to the Mi Home/Aqara app The room in the program. If you then go to the Apple Home app, there are a total of two devices added to HomeKit; one for the night light, the other for the alarm system, with an alarm icon, the third device was once visible, and the Aqara hub Denoted as "hub". Before iOS 13, there was a tile to represent the hub separate from the other two icons. However, starting with iOS13, all bridges have been relocated to the "Family Settings" section of the HomeKit app. To make things more complicated, the Aqara hub does not actually appear in the hub part of the application. We think this is because the hub has been allocated as two devices, and may not be both a hub and a device at the same time, but this is just an educated guess . Both the alarm and night light will be displayed in a room other than the room you assigned to them in the Aqara/Mi Home app, so you will have to assign them to the correct room again. The night light tiles are like ordinary colored lights, so the brightness and hue of the night light can be controlled, and the lights can be turned on and off. The alarm tiles allow you to arm and disarm an alarm, provided that you have set up alarm automation in the Mi Home/Aqara app (we will cover it further).

Adding a device Aqara Hub works in the same way as Hue Bridge and HomeKit, because the Hub itself is compatible with HomeKit, not the device itself. This means that all compatible Zigbee-based Mijia or Aqara devices that you want to use HomeKit need to be added to the hub through the Aqara or Mi Home app. For the purpose of this article, and for the sake of simplicity, we will only focus on using the Mi Home app. The process of adding Aqara devices is actually very simple;

Aqara Hub Language If you have a Chinese version of the Hub, it will set the prompter voice to Chinese when it is shipped, but it is easy to change the voice to English.

Which devices can be used with Aqara Hub? The Mi Home app allows you to add Aqara and Mijia devices, all of which should be based on ZigBee in order to pass through the hub.

* These are not currently exposed to HomeKit

** When set to a Chinese server, the Chinese Mi Smart Plug will be exposed to HomeKit. Taiwan’s Mi Smart Plug and American Aqara Smart Plug use the same Type B North American plug, which will be exposed to HomeKit when using servers in Taiwan, the United States or China, but if you use a Chinese server, you will not be able to access these in the Mi Home app. Plug settings, but will still be exposed to HomeKit. However, you can still include these devices in the automation of the Mi Home app, and you still have full control of the smart plug in the Apple Home app, so the only thing you will miss in the Mi Home app is the access settings, and Power consumption monitoring function.

Aqara App Automation Although Aqara Hub is HomeKit compatible and you can add HomeKit devices to Aqara/Mi Home apps, these apps themselves are not actually 3rd-party HomeKit apps, such as Eve apps. This means that automations created in these apps will not appear in the Apple Home app. However, one advantage of this is that you can control non-HomeKit devices "through association" and make the device work as a connection between two applications, as long as you consider creating automation or smart use of the device a little bit;

Combine Aqara Cube with HomeKit

How does the hub communicate? The hub itself is connected to your home network via Wifi, but uses Zigbee to communicate with its child devices. In addition to ensuring that your network is not used by a large number of devices that want to connect directly to your network, this generally seems to enable faster and more efficient connections. The Philips Hue system basically works in the same way. As far as we know, just like Zigbee's Philips Hue implementation uses a light bulb as a repeater for Zigbee signals, thereby extending the range of the Zigbee network, battery-powered Aqara devices will not expand the network, so they act as "dead" -end' or ZigBee The final destination of the signal, but smart plugs and in-wall single and double rocker switches will act as repeaters because they are always energized. Although this is not ideal, from our tests, the coverage of the Aqara hub is larger than we expected, so unless you live in a very large house, one Aqara Hub is sufficient. With the final introduction of the Zigbee 3.0 version of the sensor, the coverage area will be large to achieve better connections.

Two applications, Aqara Home, Mi Home and Siri Shortcuts, now support Siri Shortcuts. This has some interesting uses, especially for devices that are not exposed to HomeKit. In the Aqara app, you can create a scene, and then you can add it to Siri Shortcuts for further automation, or call it through Siri. For example, if you create a scene that involves a hub playing sound, you can trigger it through Siri. Using the Mi Home app, you can create automations. This automation can then be added to Siri Shortcuts in exactly the same way. You can read several articles about the following process;

Use Siri shortcuts to control your Mi desk lamp

Use Siri shortcuts in the Mi Home app

When adding Mijia and Aqara sensors/devices (via Aqara Hub), what will be displayed in the Home app? In many ways, the rules for many Aqara sensors seem to be the same as any other HomeKit sensors, which means that some additional sensors will only appear in specific apps on the device, not in the Home app, and some will appear in all apps . Below is a simple list of Aqara devices, which sensors they contain, and what is exposed to Homekit, Home apps, and 3rd party HomeKit apps (varies by app). We only include the information of the devices that we can test, so some of the devices in the above list do not have corresponding detailed information in the following list;

Aqara door and window sensor

Xiaomi door and window sensor

Mijia Smart Natural Gas Detector

Aqara wireless remote control switch (dual rocker-model AK012)

Aqara wireless remote control switch (dual rocker-model AK004)

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If we missed anything, please feel free to let us know in the comments below and we will add them for the benefit of our readers!

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Hello, can you use other non-Aqara home kit devices to automate on Aqara Hub? I can see in mine but can't use them for automation

Hello, you can add other HomeKit devices to the Aqara app because they can do this, although I haven't tried it yet to see if there is any benefit in doing so. Once I test it, I will update you.

Cool, I can see other devices, but the point is that I can’t just use Aqara devices to automate them in any way

Hi Raf, yes, this is a limitation of the app (and possibly a hub) because it is not a complete 3rd party home app, which is actually the same as the Philips Hue app, you can only control Hue products.

Hi, I have tried to add HomeKit compatible Eve Button to Aqara Hub. It can be added easily, but it still doesn't appear in the Aqara app, only the Apple Home app. It also does not appear in the automation options in the Aqara app, so it is like the Philips Hue app in this respect.

The interesting thing is that I can see all HomeKit devices on the Aqara app, I can turn on/off the lights (Philips), etc., but I can’t do any automation on them

Yes, the weird thing is that you can still see other devices, and I agree that it is different compared to the Hue app. It may be that Aqara has not yet run other functions on the Aqara application. I think there is definitely room for improvement, and I think Aqara knows that there is still a lot of work to be done.

In my home, the coverage of an Aquara homekit hub is not enough. Can I pair the hubs together to use a hub as an extender to create a home?

Hi Mati, I'm not sure if Aqara hubs will do this, although it should be possible for them to use Zigbee. If you plan to use them with HomeKit, it shouldn't matter whether you have two separate hubs, because they will appear in Homekit anyway. If you need a clear answer, it is best to contact Aqara directly via Twitter. They are very good at answering questions.

Hi, I have a non-Homekit Aqara hub in HomeKit, but it works in Homebridge through Homebridge-Domoticz. Everything works fine with Homekit, unless I add it to the system, I never need to open the Mi Home app. I found that my range was a bit off, and I missed some of the extreme devices in my house, so I bought a new hub to add to the system. Entering the point of the post, I have been unable to successfully merge the new HomeKit compatible hub and the original Aqara hub in the Xiaomi app. Only the original Mi Home display and the new HomeKit Hub are displayed in the home app, and allow you to operate the light ring function, so I cannot extend the network range.

Does anyone have experience with such a setup?

Hi Adam, Aqara hubs compatible with HomeKit are not yet fully functional in the Mi Home app, because they have at least one update from Aqara or Xiaomi, or both. According to Aqara, this will drop on November 25. It is also important to note that no matter how many Aqara gateways you have, they don’t actually work together to form a larger network, so you only need to place the new hub closer to the device. The first hub cannot be accessed and Add these devices to the new hub.

I would like to know how all the sensors will be displayed in the Home app. For example, the way the Hue motion sensor appears as a motion sensor, ambient light (lux) sensor, and temperature sensor is excellent. Other manufacturers choose certain devices not to appear as all possible accessories: for example, the tado radiator valve can also measure humidity, but it will not be displayed in the Home app as an additional humidity sensor (it is hidden in the settings screen of the radiator valve Below and tado app).

In Aqara's case, I think Hubs can be listed as gateways, lights, motion sensors (triggering night lights, right?) and alarms. But I think the hub itself is currently only classified as light.

For accessories, I am particularly curious whether their motion sensor also displays temperature or ambient light level in the Home app, and whether the temperature sensor actually displays humidity in the Home app.

If not asking too much, can you add to the comment: For each Aqara device listed in the comment, how (or) the device is listed in the Home app?

The Aqara hub in the home application is a breeze. But all other items such as door and window sensors arę listem dividers are in each tile. The strange thing is that the temperature and humidity sensors in the Home app have independent temperature and humidity isolation tiles. In my opinion, it can be displayed on a tile together, and the soul will be much better.

Thank you Mati, it is nice to learn about temperature and humidity sensors. In my opinion, it makes sense to display certain devices as multiple tiles. Although you cannot currently set up automation based on temperature or humidity in Homekit, if Apple adds this feature in the future, you can select tiles that correspond to specific properties of the sensor. For example, turn on the air dryer when the humidity reaches a certain level.

Hi Niels, I can add the information you mentioned to the Aqara Hub 101 article, although strictly speaking, this article is about hubs, not individual sensors. I will update today and let you know.

Hi Niels, I have now updated this article to include information about the devices connected to the Aqara hub and what is exposed to the HomeKit framework.

Very good, thank you Simon! Looking forward to vibration sensor reviews🙂

no problem. The vibration sensor review will be released at 10 am (UK time) today.

Setting: Aqara Homekit Hub. I use the Chinese version, which is a built-in Chinese plug-in, and have been waiting for the EU version.

You need an Apple-based hub (AppleTV, HomePod, or iPad) to remotely access your device and define automation in the Apple Home App. Therefore, the Aqara Homekit device is more like a bridge (between Apple's Homekit hub and Aqara devices that communicate using the ZigBee protocol) rather than a Homekit hub.

1. Smart plug ZNCZ12LM There are at least two smart plugs available: ZNCZ12LM and ZNCZ02LM. The first is Aqara, and the second is on the box with a statement of cooperation with Mijia. What I got was the latter ZNCZ02LM. I cannot connect it to Aqara Homekit Hub. During the pairing process, I hear an audio confirmation that the device is paired, but the Aqara Home app displays a failure message. Aqara did not answer my question whether it will be repaired. I don't have a ZNCZ12LM, and I can't find it anywhere. If you know where I can get it, please let me know.

2. The t, h and p sensors WSDCGQ11LM does not display the air pressure in the Apple Home application. To view the air pressure in the Aqara Home application, you have to dig deeper, but the air pressure is displayed incorrectly again and looks like 100981 Pa. But the same sensor connected to the camera hub (not based on Homekit) shows 100.9 kpa in the Mi Home app. The temperature when using the Apple Home app is now 19.5 C and the temperature when using the Aqara Home app is 19.6 C through the Apple Home app The program has no history. I can’t use the Aqara Home app to view the history log because the app requires me to log in and I can’t log in

3. Aqara Homekit Hub: Firmware upgrade, automation (defined in the Aqara Home application) cannot be used without logging in

4. t, h and p sensors WSDCGQ11LM: I think it is impossible to upgrade the template software (in the Aqara Home application). Except for automation (defined in the Aqara Home app) and history, you will not be able to use it without logging in

5. The same t, h and p sensors WSDCGQ11LM connected to the Aqara camera hub: no need to log in to view history, upgrade and define automation (in the Mijia app)

6. Log in. After many attempts, I finally successfully registered (you write an email, click, you should receive an email where you can define your password). Very unusual way of registration, and in most cases, you cannot get a link to define a password. But I can’t log in (even change the location to Mainland China) to check for firmware updates, view history, or define automation (to be honest, I don’t want to use the Aqara Home app to define any automation because it will not be seen by the Apple Home app ). But when I try to log in to the Aqara community via, my credentials are recognized

That's all for today. What is your experience, heroes? By the way: Despite repeated inquiries, Aqara did not answer

Hi Chris, thanks for the information. I have another smart plug that is almost the same as the Aqara smart plug, the model is ZNCZ03LM, so I guess it has three variants. This plug-in is also not applicable to the Aqara application, only the Mi Home application. I also have Aqara compatible model-ZNCZ12LM.

Follow-up: I just received a reply from Aqara about the smart plug ZNCZ02LM

Q: Can Smart Plug ZNCZ02LM connect to Aqara homekit hub? If not, do you plan to update (when) to fix it?

Aqara's answer: "At present, Aqara hub can only be compatible with Aqara products, and we will be compatible with more products in the future."

What does it mean in practice? If you want to pair Smart Plug with Aqara Homekit Hub (as a bridge), you should use Aqara Smart Plug Model ZNCZ12LM (it has Chinese pins).

Simon, thank you for all your efforts to report on the release of Aqara HomeKit. This is the most comprehensive one I can find, and it helped a lot.

To share my findings, I have a curtain controller (ZNCLDJ11LM) that works well. With HomeKit, you can open, close, and specify the open percentage. My door, motion and temperature sensors also work very well.

My wireless dual rocker switch (WXKG02LM) must be an old version, but it cannot be connected correctly.

Do you or anyone here have links to a place where I can purchase HomeKit compatible wireless dual rocker switches and smart plugs? The Chinese version of the smart plug is very suitable for me, because we also have the same plug in Australia.

Smart plug: Do not buy anything different from ZNCZ12LM (it has Chinese pins). If you find a seller, please let me know. I can't find anyone selling ZNCZ12LM on

Hi Michael, thank you for your kind words, I tried my best, if someone like you finds it useful, then this is what I need. I am happy to hear that the curtain controller works because I am not sure, even if it is listed on the Aqara website. This actually made me understand the problem you encountered when using the wireless double rocker switch. I have the same problem, even though the model is the same as the latest version (not yet fully available), it doesn't work for some reason. The possible good news is that Aqara said that it will be compatible with more things in the future, including Xiaomi devices, so the rocker switch is actually an Aqara product, and it should be treated the same. If you want to use the dual rocker switch with other Aqara devices (such as curtain controllers), then you can still use it through automation in the Aqara app, it just won't show up in the Aqara app or home app It is a device, but it is located in the automation section. Take a look. Thanks again for your feedback.

Can you use this hub on Alexa? I am trying to control my aqara light switch

Hello, I am not entirely sure if you can control the hub itself, but if you have added the hub to the Mijia app instead of the Aqara app, you should be able to download the Mijia skills and control some devices like that.

I have a China center, but the Aqara application is set up as a US server. I live in Australia and this is no problem. This is the only way I can make Apple Home and Alexa work at the same time. All Aqara children's devices work fine on both systems (and possibly Google, which I don’t use). One omission is that Alexa can't seem to recognize the hub light, but Apple Home can, including security features. I also use Yeelights because they come in a variety of colors and are now fully compatible with Apple Home without entering a code. I use the Yeelight app set up as a Singapore server, and it works well with Alexa and Apple Home after the firmware update.

I really think it's a bit messy that all Xiaomi/Mija/Yeelight/Aqara things are working together with something nowadays. There are many aqara devices supported by the Mi Home App, but most of the Aqara Hub does not support Mijia/Xiaomi things. I really want to use Aqara Hub to switch my Yeelight LEDstrips so that I can use HomeKit. Hope to make this work eventually.

Hi, Ramon learned from Aqara that there are plans to introduce more Xiaomi/Mijia products into the Aqara field so that they can be used in conjunction with Hub and HomeKit. But this will take time, because the new Aqara hub and the previous Mijia hub are indeed different devices, even if they look similar. Agree that the whole setup is a bit confusing, but even before Aqara launched the new hub, the Xiaomi app was a mess.

Hi Michael, I just received my Aqara Hub. I can't seem to find any place in the Aqara Home app to activate the alarm function. This is one of the reasons why I bought the Hub. Have you successfully enabled this feature?

In addition to this, I successfully paired door/window sensors, motion sensors, and temperature/humidity sensors, and can use these to create some automation in my homekit. Unfortunately, I cannot pair the wireless wall switch that I also purchased. It says it is connected but does not appear anywhere in the Aqara app or iOS Home app.

Hi Pedro, maybe I can help. Which devices do you want to use to trigger the alarm?

Hi. I want to use the door sensor to trigger an alarm when the door is open, but only when I set the alarm to ON.

Hi Pedro, I have published a new article explaining how to achieve your request. This is ink-

Have you tried Aqara smart curtains with HomeKit?

Hi Francis, no, I haven't tried the smart curtain controller because we only use blinds in the apartment. I do know that some people have already got them and said they work well, and so is HomeKit.

Hello, I received my Aqara Hub in the mail yesterday. I am in Australia so luckily the Chinese power connection is basically the same plug. There was a good discussion here, and this is the only insightful place I can find so far. I have three things I really want to know what you think.

First of all, I noticed a strange behavior, and I want to know if you can explain it. If I log in to the Aqara app, I can add and modify almost all Mi accessories I currently own (Mi motion sensor, Mi door and window sensor, Mi wireless switch, Mi smart plug). If I do not log in, I cannot see these accessories, but I can see all of my Homekit accessories in the Aqara app.

So it seems that the applications are talking to each other but this may be a problem that the mainland China server (or the US) prevents Homekit from accessing. The second problem I see is that although I can add Mi Smart Plug (Zigbee) to the Aqara app, unlike the sensor, it will not be displayed in the Home app. It seems that only the sensor displays at the moment?

Third, in the Mi Home app (before Aqara), I set up a simple automation program to turn on the lights in the kitchen (connect the Mi Smart plug) when movement is detected, and if no movement is detected within 5 minutes, then It turns off automatically, provided that it is night time. It seems that with the new Aqara application, you cannot set this level of conditions for automation.

I like to hear your thoughts.

Hi Ky, I'm so glad you found us and this website is useful to you, because that's why we are here!

Go straight to your first question about the difference between login and logout and the different options. To be honest, I don’t know, but I can tell you that when I first got the Aqara center, I was able to log in and see two My Aqara accessories and all HomeKit devices in the Aqara app. In addition, I can add Xiaomi devices informally, but they only appear in the automation section, and do not appear in the main part of the Aqara app as devices, and they do not appear in the home app at all. This seems to have changed since the last app update (and possibly the firmware update to the hub), so now I can only see Aqara devices and not any HomeKit devices. Since the update also officially supports Xiaomi devices, they all now appear in the Aqara app and Home app. All this may be attributed to Apple, but I am not sure. Either way, even though I can see my standard HomeKit devices in the Aqara app, I cannot use them in automation, so there really is no benefit in the beginning.

The plug problem is also a problem reported by other people, even some people in China, so you are not alone, but I think it will be solved because they listed this problem in the section of adding accessories. I was able to add my US version of the plugin (it also appears in the home app), but this is before the latest update, so if I try to add it again, it may fail, but you must forgive me because I don’t Test this because I am now in top condition in my Aqara setup.

Regarding the third point, there is a way to trigger automation in the Aqara application, but it actually doesn't seem to work now, so there must be an error unless I look at it the wrong way. In the final analysis, this is why I think the Home app (or other 3rd party HomeKit apps) is more suitable for us for time-based automation.

Hello, I have one more question. Suppose I have a big house with a wifi repeater. And some sensors are far away from the Aqara hub. Do I need another hub?

The range on the hub seems to be better than I thought. Two of the Aqara devices obviously act as repeaters for Zigbee signals—smart plugs and wired wall switches—but since the Aqara devices use Zigbee, the wifi repeater does not help, so one second Depending on the distance between the device and the main hub, a hub may be required. A user told me that adding and additional hubs are working fine.

thank you very much! Very helpful. Do you know whether the Smart Plug US version is suitable for 240v? Because in the Philippines. It's American plug. But 240v. So finding smart plugs is a bit tricky.

Hello, all Aqara hubs are compatible with the voltage standards of the United States and the European Union, so the range is 100 – 240v AC 50/60Hz. I have talked with people in the European Union. They use a Chinese hub at 220-240v, and I use 110-120v, which is the standard in Taiwan. We also use American plugs.

famous! But I'm talking about the American plug smart plug?

Ah sorry! I just checked and the US version of the smart plug is only suitable for 110-120v AC 60Hz.

Hi, I also have a big house of about 300 square meters. From my experience, the report is really good. I was also scared and bought 3 hubs, but two are enough. In my house, only one door and window sensor lost connection with the hub after pairing. But this may be another problem, depending on what you use as the steering device for Homekit. Because both hubs need to be directly connected to the Homekit device, even though they are connected in my experience. I have done some tests. I use iPad as the steering device for Homekit. I will explain my test soon. First, I use a hub for the entire house, (the hub is located in the center of the house, connected to 9 sensors on the first floor, and 9 sensors on the second floor, 19 sensors in total), but after 1 sensor on the second floor loses connection, I Another hub is added on the second floor to connect it with the first one, and all 9 sensors located on that floor are added to the hub on the second floor. Hope everything is normal now. But after successfully adding them, I went back to the TV room on the first floor, and all the sensors connected to the hub on the second floor lost their connection. I think this is the reason why the second hub lost connection with my iPad or iPhone. Because it must have WiFi connection. There is a router on the second floor, which completely covers the WiFi signal. Maybe some of you are more experienced and can provide some advice. Because I am thinking whether an Apple TV box can solve the connection problem? Or I need to buy two Apple TV boxes because I think Apple TV works like an extender for Homekit coverage, and then I need to use one with my TV on the first floor and the other as an extender on the second floor. But this will be expensive.

Thank you for the information, I believe it can help others make the right choice. Regarding Apple TV, it is useful for extending the range of Bluetooth devices, but as far as I know, nothing more.

Do you know if this applies to home apps? Aqara wall switch double button QBKG04LM

Hi Francis, this should apply to HomeKit as it is listed as one of the compatible devices on the Aqara website. However, since there are already some problems with the wireless version of these switches-basically two wireless versions of the same model, but the old version is not exposed in HomeKit-then you should wait until Aqara releases a new version just in case. I can ask Aqara to see if these switches have the same potential problems, and then get back to you.

That would be incredible. Thank you so much!

My order is coming, it is suitable for HomeKit! The dual key model is QBKG04LM

My order is coming, it is suitable for HomeKit! The dual key model is QBKG03LM

This is wonderful news. I did ask them twice through Twitter, but I never got an answer, but it doesn't matter anymore. thanks for letting me know. Can you tell me if it is new or old packaging?

It comes with a new packaging, if you need it, I can send you a photo 🙂

Yes, it would be great if you could send photos of any box. You can email me directly-info(at) deleted @ to avoid spam, but you know what to do!

send! Incidentally. some problems. Synchronize in the name. Which one to choose? Sometimes the home application seems very confusing.

Hello, there are pictures, thank you. Name synchronization is a problem they are trying to solve, so this problem should be solved in the next software update.

I have no idea. This is why sometimes the Home app says that accessories are not responding but they work in the Aqara app? For me, after saying it didn't respond for a few minutes, it would come back again.

There may be a connection, but I'm not sure. I don’t seem to encounter name synchronization problems myself, but I know others do.

I cannot find a parameter to change the Aqara motion sensor occupancy threshold in any HomeKit applications (Eve, MyHome...). There was a parameter in the old Aqara Home App (v1.0.0), and it disappeared in v1.0.1. I can't find a way to change the occupancy threshold now!

This has been noticed by others and has been reported to Aqara, so I hope they can resolve this issue in the next update.

Hey, any news about the EU version. It's almost November! 🙂

Hi, I still haven’t heard anything from Aqara about launching in the EU or the US, although I did see an article on the German website saying that Aqara has changed the German launch date to January 2019, so this may be unfortunate Yes, it is true of all EU countries I imagine. I really don't know what the problem is.

Which bulbs are currently supported by Aqara app V1.4.3 and will they also be provided in Homekit?

Hi Mati currently does not have a light bulb to work with the Aqara app, even though a white light bulb is listed in the device section. I have tried Xiaomi/Philips bulbs and the newest Yeelight bulbs, and they are not working now. The bulbs listed in the Aqara app are obviously the upcoming Aqara bulbs.

Is the current firmware suitable for Amazon Echo Alexa?

Hi Jordi As far as I know, the hub is only available for HomeKit. Although there is an Android version of the Aqara Home app, it is currently not available for Google Assistant.

Hi, has anyone tried aqara air conditioner controller? It is in the website, but not in the application. Are there any updates or does homekit also support it?

Hi Jasper, I don't know if HomeKit will support it in the future, but not currently. The same is true for Cube Controller-it is on the website, but currently you can't use it in HomeKit, at least you can't use it directly. Hopefully this will change with the so-called update that drops in the coming weeks.

Hello! Which two-button wireless switch will appear in the Apple Home app? Ak004 does not. Do you know where to buy ak012?

Hi Dimitry, the best place to buy a HomeKit compatible dual rocker switch (AK012) is a specific store on AliExpress, but once you order, you really need to contact them through AliExpress and tell them you want to update Version of the new box. I have ordered from them, and before I order, I asked them to show me the products in the box. They showed the new packaged version, so I placed an order and then reconfirmed that I wanted the new packaged switch after placing the order. This is the shop spm=2114.12010615.8148356.13.12d2c0d9xt4D8X

After the new hub firmware is updated, the Zncz02lm plug can now be used with homekit.

Hi, yes, someone told me this just now. This is good news! Thank you for confirming.

how did you do it. I can't see the plug in homekit. I can add them to the hub, but I can’t see them in Apple Homekit

Hi Morten, since the latest series update, Aqara has temporarily cancelled the HomeKit support for smart plugs because they have not passed the correct certification of HomeKit compatibility, so the plug will not appear in HomeKit until they solve the problem.

I have wall switches. They work with Homekit and basically act as basic lights with switches. You can't program them like wireless switches. So there is no single press, double press... Having said that, this is exactly what I was looking for, the fact that you can get them with or without neutral is great. They are the only Homekit switches I have found that do not require a neutral wire, which is great in England, where houses often don't have a neutral wire.

In general, I am very impressed with Aqara, they work very well and they are affordable. If the alarm is exposed to Homekit, then this will be the icing on the cake. Smart bulbs are also interesting. If they use a few different connections to make colored or warm white bulbs, then I will immediately get rid of the hue.

I must thank you because without your website or comments, I don't even know Aqara.

Hi, I'm glad you like this website. We are here to make sure that all HomeKit products can get news, including brands like Aqara. Despite some mistakes, it is launching some very good things. Since I don’t need a neutral wire, I would buy the wall switch myself, but unfortunately the size of the rear is wrong for me. I suspect it applies to the UK and China, so you have confirmed it for me! The new bulb is adjustable white, so you can get a cool and warm white. There is no color selection yet.

Aqara Hub, which is compatible with HomeKit, is a good addition to their product line. Do you know if it applies to Alexa, because there is an Alexa Skill of "lumi smart home" in the Aqara smart home ecosystem? Link: As far as I know, Lumi United Technology Co., Ltd is a company in the Aqara lineup. Based on the Alexa skills, it seems to be able to control the products in the Aqara lineup like the "Mijia" Alexa skills. In this way, does it essentially mean that Aqara Hub can be used with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa?

To be honest, this hub is a complete waste of time, you'd better use the old hub and use homebridge, because every device can use HomeKit, including yeelights.

I have purchased about 10 devices. Except for the cube switch, none of the devices will appear in HomeKit. If I log in to the Aqara app, I can pair all the devices, and everything can work normally in the Aqara app, but If I log in, HomeKit has no effect and all paired devices disappear, although the automation still works.

This hub is really a mess, Xiaomi makes good hardware, but I think they need to hire some real software engineers and fire the idiots they currently have.

Therefore, compared with a proper hub that supports HomeKit, the old device works better with Homebridge.

Also, in terms of equipment, how should people know what to buy? It's pure guessing, Akara, Migi? What's the difference? Migi is getting old? Aqara is new but not new enough? So we need Aqara version 2 steam equipment?

You said that Cube is displayed strangely in HomeKit, because as far as I know, it is not compatible with HomeKit.

Yes, but after the hub is updated to a newer firmware, it does not work now, but does the small wireless button work?

WXKG01LM is working fine now, but it did not work before MFKZQ01LM, but now there is no WXKG03LM which did not work before, and it still does not

I bought some WXKG03LM because I want them to be able to turn the device on and off

I also found that you can’t use the Mi switch to switch the light status in Homekit. If you log in to the Aqara app and create an automation, you can tap once to turn on the light, set the tap twice to turn off the light, and you can set the tap once to switch the state , The only problem is that the only light that can be operated is the stupid rgb light built into the hub.

This product is almost useless, I have sensors on the road, maybe they will work as expected?

I will now order the old hub and set it up in Homebridge, because I want to create the appropriate controls in the Mi Home application and import them into Homekit through Homebridge, because you are not limited to just a few work options, Yeelights also fully supports it.

I just received a ZNCZ02CN plug, of course it does not work, I hope it can be used with the old hub.

I think Xiaomi should have just built a bridge device to connect the old hub/gateway to Homekit so that everything that is already working can be directly imported into Homekit, just like Homebridge did.

Does anyone actually expose the mini wireless switch (small one-button switch) to Homekit? I remember it was when I got the hub for the first time a few months ago, but they disappeared a few days later and never came back.

Today I decided to set the hubs to factory settings again and reconfigure it to see if they will be restored after the most recent update, but although I can add them to the Aqara home app. They are not exposed to homekit.

Maybe it has something to do with caching? Because after restoring the factory settings, everything disappeared and returned to Chinese, but when I added a button, their name was the same as the name I gave them at the beginning. So some things are saved somewhere. But the aqara app does not have a clear cache button like the Mi Home app.

I read here that they should work, but should they? At least I can't make them work.

Hi Dries, do you mean Aqara Mini Switch or Mi Switch? Both should be used with Aqara and HomeKit apps, they were made for me. To ensure that the hub is completely reset to factory settings and to clear all data of the sub-devices from the hub, I was told that you need to press the on/off button 10 times in quick succession. Long press for 10 seconds will soft reset, it will still remember the settings of the child device, just need to re-pair with HomeKit.

I am referring to the Aqara mini switch. They are not suitable for me, maybe I have to log out of the server, but I have a very, very bad experience with this, haha ​​🙂

I did a hard reset on the hub (10 quick presses).

Well, this is not my best idea today... I tried a US server and I can log in (surprise) but I cannot bind the hub in the app. So I switched back to the Chinese server, hard reset again, and I can add the hub. The good news is that I seem to get rid of the cache because when I add devices, their initial names are in Chinese. The bad thing I can't add a mini wireless switch at all. There was the same problem a few weeks ago, when they said it was a bug they were fixing. The hub said it was connected, but the counter kept going down, and finally the application said it could not bind the accessory. I think those who have pressed the button are lucky.

Anyway, I gave up temporarily. I hope the 25th update will finally solve the problem. I bought something on September 14th, so far I don't have a working system.

Driesdk, the system is a mess. I have Mi Button and Aquara buttons, both of which are Zigbee versions.

The round Xiaomi button is connected and added to Homekit, but you select the square Aqara button picture to perform this operation, but the square Aquara switch (WXKG11LM) cannot be connected at all, whether it is logging in or logging out of the Chinese server.

It is completely a carousel application and button, but it is silly, still waiting for the arrival of the old version of the hub.

I'm really not sure what this hub is for anyone, they are not listed anywhere I can find the compatibility list so that people can buy accessories that actually work because you can't enter the list on the website or go through the pictures The picture in the Aqara application, because I own almost all of these projects, and only the Mi stuff I connect to, and the Aqara stuff doesn’t work at all.

Handy information for anyone who wishes to make a mistake when buying this hub.

Mi round button: WXKG01LM = suitable for Homekit

Aqara square button: WXKG11LM = does not work in Homekit, but can be run in the Aqara application if you log in

Aqara large single wireless wall switch: WXKG03LM = does not work in Homekit, but can be run in the Aqara app if you log in

Aqara large dual wireless wall switch: WXKG02LM = does not work in Homekit, but can be run in the Aqara app if you log in

Aqara temperature/humidity sensor: WSDCGQ11LM = for Homekit

Aqara Smart Plug: ZNCZ02CM = not working at all

Aqara Magic Cube Thingy: MFKZQ01LM = I have been working in Homekit before the update. Now I can only work in the Aqara application after logging in.

If you log in to the Chinese server, you can create some limited automations. Even after you log out, these automations will remain hard-linked. No automations will be displayed in Homekit. They are independent and can be notified even if you log out.

If you log in to the Chinese server, except for the Xiaomi device paired with the Hub itself, the Aqara app will not see any Homekit devices, and all other Homekit information will be invisible.

If you log out, the Aqara app will see all Homekit devices, but not your paired devices that are not compatible with Homekit.

If you log in to a US server, your hub will never be paired correctly in the Aqara app, but will be paired in Homekit.

If paired via the Homekit or Aqara app, the Aqara hub will only be treated as an RGB bulb in Homekit, not a bridge or hub.

Logging in to the Aqara app will allow you to check for firmware updates, logging out will not.

Logging in to the Aqara application will make it incompatible with Homekit, logging out will make it compatible.

It is not possible to make the devices paired and running when logging in to the Chinese server and the devices in the Homekit application work, communicate or control. This includes its own sub-devices compatible with Homekit.

It seems that there are more incompatible devices than compatible devices.

If you want better compatibility, then I would recommend the old hub and set up Homebridge, because this will run better.

I have more devices on the road and I will test and update this list.

Not all of this information matches my findings; My Mi Wireless Switch works with HomeKit and Aqara. I have an Aqara square button (mini switch), which works with HomeKit and Aqara. I log in to the Aqara server and set it to Mainland China. I also have double rocker switches-one model can be used at the same time, while an old model is currently only available for Aqara. Both have the same model. Aqara temperature/humidity is suitable for both applications. I have the American version of the Aqara smart plug, and both can be used. Although this is an unreleased product. I also have a Mi Smart Plug (American pin, but suitable for the Taiwan market). Works with HomeKit and Aqara, but you cannot create any automation in the Aqara app.

It seems a bit random, and based on luck, is anyone really able to use the device in homekit? I finally managed to add my mini wireless switch back to the Aqara app (although there is no homekit). This seems to be a server-side issue on the Aqara cloud. I don't think their cloud can also handle traffic.

I talked to someone at the company and he said that they can’t handle errors and services at the moment because they have no plans to sell it outside of China, but because there are sellers on AliExpress, these things are outside of China and they are now trying to keep up. Errors and support.

Perhaps this is the reason why this kind of Xiaomi compatibility suddenly appeared, this is some kind of intervention by Xiaomi to save their name. Aqara and Xiaomi are not the same company. Aqara is a kind of partner, but not owned by Xiaomi. Considering the confusion between the two brands that people have, I would understand that this Aqara off-road vehicle is damaging Xiaomi's reputation, and they are trying to do something about it.

Hi Dries Yes, everything you say makes sense. In essence, Aqara and many other companies under Xiaomi are essentially independent companies that Xiaomi invests in and provides distribution. I believe that Xiaomi will eventually own part of the company.

The strange thing about all of this is that even if they are not selling outside of China, there are still many of the same mistakes, so even if there are many more complaints due to sales outside of China than they expected, the number of errors may be It's still the same, so they don't seem to have taken action to solve these problems. Hope that the upcoming integration with the Mi Home application will solve many problems.

Hello, I just received the aqara gateway, I tried to configure it through the aqara home app, and now it can also be used in the iOS home app. I added different sensors, and they can all be used in the iOS home app. But here comes the problem: I didn't manage to add the wireless mini switch and aqara cube. I have tried to log in and set up Mainland China, which allows me to add switches and cubes, but these are not available in the iOS home app. How can I solve it?

I also have Mijia’s old bridge and aqara cam, how do I add them?

Hi Andrea, I am glad that most of your equipment can work normally. Starting from Cube, this is one of the devices that currently cannot be used with HomeKit. If you visit the Aqara website, it will not explain HomeKit compatibility, although this may change once the Mi Home application is integrated. I have a Cube, and it doesn't work in HomeKit either.

Regarding the wireless mini Switch, it seems that some people have succeeded, and some have not, so I don't know where the problem is. Most of the time it’s because there are new and old models of the same product, so if your mini switch is installed in an old white box, this may be an unsupported one, but even so, this is not always the case, because I have one Packed in the old package, it runs without any problems.

If you enter the Aqara app, then select "Accessories" and then Mini Switch, check the model. Mine is AK002. Let me know what yours is.

Finally, with Mijiaqiao and Aqara cameras, what do you want to use them for? Mijia Gateway cannot be added to the Aqara application, nor will it appear in HomeKit. Currently Aqara cameras are not compatible with HomeKit, although Aqara said they are working to make it compatible-this may also mean a new model of HomeKit.

Mine is AK001 and it does not work. It can only be recognized when everything is set to Chinese, but they will not appear in the iOS home app.

I have tried homebridge and Mija gateways, but I did not manage to add it correctly, I used the correct mac and psw, but the gateway was not found.

I hope aqara will solve these troubles as soon as possible!

It seems you have an old version. This issue will also affect older versions of wireless rocker switches. I have one for HomeKit and Aqara, and the other for Aqara only.

Do you know whether aqara will also increase support for these? I just bought them...

Hi, not sure, but I think things will start to improve once the update of the Mi Home app is released. Sorry, I can't give you any better news than this right now.

You'd better take the Homekit version of Aqara Gateway and sell it on eBay. I just received the old version of 2 Gateway and set it up in Homebridge. Every product I purchased can now run and display in Homekit. I even have it in Homekit. Set up and run the alarm system.

Furthermore, when your switch is added to Homekit, it will add a virtual switch for each function of the real switch, so that you can remotely activate the switch (single, double or long press) from the Homekit application. This function is not possible Use the real Homekit version of the gateway.

There is more, I can now directly control my Yeelights with Homekit.

These three Homebridge plug-ins provide more functions for V2 non-Homekit gateways.

Either get Rpi, Odroid, or just run Dietpi in the VM and set up Homebridge, which is totally worth the effort.

I retired the Homekit Aqara Hub for the lottery, and I will leave it there until Xiaomi hires some real software coders to provide similar functions to the old Hub for the products there.

I also suggest you, once you have any Mi devices operating the way you want, log in to your router, assign a permanent IP to each of your Mi wifi connected devices through their MAC address, and then block these addresses from dialing to the Internet , Because it is not necessary, your Homekit hub will replace it (Apple TV, Homepod, Ipad), I have done this with every IOT device I own, because Homebridge will convert all your IOT devices to Only local devices, Homekit then converts everything back to the Internet of Things, but only through Apples Homekit, I trust it more than some unknown Chinese servers.

By the way, I’m not saying that any of Xiaomi, Aqara or Miji is malicious, but I’m not sure right now. All these devices like Wemo, Broadlink and countless other nonsense want to call home. When the Internet comes down, they stop working. , Think of the Ring doorbell, when this happens, your wife looks at you as if you are some kind of mentally retarded, because you brought home this so-called smart (stupid) device and replaced some that have been in operation for 20 years Something like a light switch🙂

Hope all my small chat can help someone 🙂

Appreciate the input. I think the HomeBridge route is a good choice for some people, but not everyone. I let it run, but in the end I prefer that everything is "inside".

Having said that, if you want to come up with a tutorial on how to accomplish all of this, you are welcome to write an article about it, although it will be a little hard work.

Hi, I am trying to understand. I bought these devices (hubs and light switches) in China. My home is in Costa Rica.

The equipment (hub and light switch) is 220V, but Costa Rica is 110V.

If it doesn't work, I don't want to waste money using DHL to send goods and pay for shipping.

Hello, the hub is suitable for 100-240v at 50/60Hz, so it can be used everywhere. I have a Chinese hub, my hub was purchased from China (220-240v there), but it works very well in Taiwan, where the voltage is the same as Costa Rica-110-120v.

Is there any news about the firmware upgrade, 25/11 has passed...?

The Aqara app has been updated, so we are still waiting for the firmware update of Aqara Hub. I don't know when it will happen, but I hope it will happen this week.

As far as I know, the app update did not bring any noticeable changes.

It's just a bug fix, which has been confirmed by two people I know.

One bought ca. 60 large aqara wall switches, wireless and wired. Unfortunately, the seller sent me those versions without double-click and long-press functions... :/ak013-wired single-wall switch, ak003-wireless single-wall switch... Is there any option to activate double-click or long-press according to?

It sounds like you have an old version and only have the option to click or click both at the same time. I don't know if Aqara plans to update these switches for HomeKit, or add double-click or long-press functions. Even if you try these in the Xiaomi Mijia app, unfortunately you will encounter the same problem. Have you contacted Aqara? If you visit their website and then the community forum, you can ask them questions and they will always reply.

Yes. Aqara replied today. The seller sent me the old version:/Can’t enable these functions because its hardware function is not software:/I was just cheated:/

I have an Aqara hub with multiple temperature sensors. I monitor them from the Android application. Is there a way to check the historical temperature data in some way? Maybe on a chart or something similar?

If I remember correctly, this can be achieved with the older Mi Hub and Mi Home app. Once they provide an update to make it compatible with the mi home app, I think you can view the historical data.

In the previous version of the Android Aquara Home application, if I am correct, it is version 1.4.0 or 1.3.9. When I touch the temperature value on the main screen, a graph opens, but it shows "No data". This graph is missing due to the new version of the application. The developer of the application is a company called "Lumi"

Be careful when buying things now, because most online sellers are selling second-hand goods, they will promote things like "Xiaomi Mi Smart Wifi Plug, Zigbee Version", what is this? Zigbee or Wifi? Because there are two versions, but neither of these two protocols are running, so it is best to ask for the model, and then check to confirm that it is Zigbee, and it is the latest model.

The Aqara app does not support Wifi devices (Wifi Mi plug, air filter, Yeelights...)

I have a bench here with a bunch of Mi products that cannot be used with Aqara Homekit Gateway, but they can all be used with V2 Mi Gateway.

In addition, most of the Aqara products sold are not suitable for this Homekit version, but some Mi products are suitable.

In addition, it seems that there is no alarm system set up in the Aqara app like in the Mi Home app anyway, and likewise, the Homekit hub is pretty useless in its current state.

I found that the best solution is to use the old gateway with Domoticz -> Homebridge -> Homekit. This works well. You can create a fake contact switch in Domoticz to trigger the alarm notification in Homekit, so I am in Mi Home The doorbell is set in, and when the doorbell wireless button is pressed, it will send a notification to Homekit, and the notification will pop up on my iphone/ipad.

I talked with aqara's help and they gave me some useful information.

1) The pressure of the air sensor will never be displayed in HomeKit, because Apple directly does not allow it. 2) There is an update today that will fix the wireless switch problem. You must select mainland China, log in and add accessories before it will be displayed in HomeKit. I have an ak0001 mini switch, and now it works!

That is good news. Thanks for sharing.

Hello, now the hub is compatible with Mijia, can I configure it in the 2 app? If I connect it to one, it will disconnect from the other. Any solution?

I'm afraid you can only have one app or another app. The only way to solve this problem is to have two hubs, one connected to each application-but this is not the real solution.

Hi, I also have a new Aqara center and am trying to read out the developer key integrated into my Smarthome. I have successfully added it to the Mi Home application, but I cannot find the s3ction for reading the developer key. Has anyone solved this problem, or does it work with v3 of the hub?

I got my Aqara Hub yesterday. I have a bunch of Aqara sensors. They all work well in HomeKit. I want to know how the security system in the Homekit app works? Any ideas. You can turn it on and off, but now you can trigger anything.

By the way: I have the latest update!

Hi, I'm glad to hear that everything is normal. The HomeKit side of the security system is only used to turn it on and off. Have you installed a hub in the Mijia app or Aqara app? You actually have to set up an alarm system in the Mijia app, using Mijia or Aqara sensors as the trigger device.

Hey, thanks for your quick reply! The problem is that I have a Mi Vacuum and I cannot switch regions for Mi Vacuum.

I think I have to use a dedicated alarm with Aqara sensor to trigger SmartPlug.

I know. You can have multiple areas in the Mi Home app, but you have to switch every time you want to access something in another area, which can be annoying, but in the end if you combine the Mi Home app with hubs and sensors , Setup automation is very easy. I will do a quick tutorial on it soon, although since the latest update I will still be looking for a way to do this using the Aqara app. I have posted two methods, but they did not work as planned for some users.

Hi, I have an aquara hub and some temperature sensors. When I automate:

Switch the heater when the temperature is higher than 20.

It works for a day and then automates the dose response. Any ideas? Many resets and new bindings still have the same problem later

Hi. I have a Xiaomi smart plug zigbee that works with Aqara Hub and is displayed in the home app. Since the latest hub update. I can no longer see the smart plug in the home app. Deleting and resetting the hub or plug has no effect on solving the problem.

Does anyone else have the same situation?

Click Hub 10 times to quickly reset, only update once. Do not update to version 147, but use the previous version. You cannot use the mio application, but the aqara application will work in this version.

My hub that supports homekit can no longer connect with the aqara home app. Do I really need to reinstall it or is there another way to restore the connection between the app and the gateway?

I really don't like the idea that I should add the gateway again, because I am worried that I will have to install all the sensors again. If this happens next time, it won't work...

The same problem is here! All sensors can be accessed in Homekit, but the Aqara app shows that all sensors are offline.

This hub is the worst thing I have ever bought from China. Useless nonsense. I have more than 40 Xiaomi devices and only a few can use it to screw everything up! ! I can't even sell it from India, no one will buy this nonsense hub! ! I have a bunch of yeelights bulbs bar table sheep n Philips millet bulbs. I have a lot of old generation and new generation wifi plugs. The bar plugs are useless. I should buy an alexa for 30 dollars. My 30 dollars are now tossing theaqar. Where are some of the hubs? Rubbish! ! I am very sad that I was cheated by the fake aqara addition on YouTube, even the aqara app is so rubbish! ! I have an iphone ipad n apple watch and I am very excited to be able to use this nonsense that won't work, it's a piece of rubbish! ! Xiaomiify is not very clear in his YouTube video, because he got this aqara trash for free, so he is very neutral on the comments! ! It’s a pity that I didn’t buy alexa for this. The new version is only $30. If it’s nonsense, I choose aqara. I’m about to buy their door lock somewhere on YouTube. They say that fingerprints don’t work on most devices. , So it’s not the updated version of the fingerprint lock s2 released by the aqara nonsense company, s2 is the second version they released, they released an updated version, so whoever bought the orgibal s2 n the first generation loses money, so forever Don't buy any aqara. They publish substandard shit and destroy the name of Xiaomi. I have a Xiaomi kettle like I bought in 2016. I will still receive updates and work flawlessly with the gateway mijia! ! I was so frustrated that I wasted my money on this damn trash aqara! ! I believe they will release aqara hub version! ! I will skip any writing about aqara! ! I hope many people spend their money on Gearbest between 40-50! ! This aqara is a waste of money, the first xiaom product I bought for not even a dollar was rubbish! ! Aqara will ruin Xiaomi's reputation! ! Save money by not buying aqara hub! Gearbest will not let me post my negative reviews on their website, so I will post it here! I am just a frustrated Xiaomi fan, I could have invested in other Xiaomi products or alexa! ! I did not read any reviews online. I bought xiomi products blindly! My bad things will not happen! ! Middle finger to aqara company n xiaomiy youtube channel! ! I hope you don't delete my comment! ! Save you not to buy aqara, it is a piece of rubbish! !

I agree that some people have a bad experience with Aqara Hub, including myself, and lack of communication in supporting customers who have encountered problems or did not fully explain how to solve them. Aqara can directly blame it to solve potential problems. However, many of their products are actually very good, especially the sensors. Now with the integration of Mijia, the situation is even better. I have two hubs, and after some effort, I did manage to get both hubs to work, although it does not require any real effort. Having said so much, I found that the problem lies in the personnel network in some cases. This is usually the case with HomeKit problems, but many people refuse to believe that this is the problem. Grumbling on this site is not the answer, but I am glad you posted your opinion anyway.

I am new to the Aqara world, can someone explain how to update to 1.4.7? My app is still in 1.4.3, and when I check for updates, a message "Updated to the latest version" appears.

Just want to ask, have you set up an Aqara account and set the app and account to the server in Mainland China? If you make sure that the last update did not actually log you out of your account.

Thank you for replying to Simon. I did not find where I switched to the server in Mainland China in the Aqara App or website. It is easy to change in the Mijia app, but I don't know Aqara.

If you enter the Aqara app, click on the "Profile" tab, and then click on "Settings", then you can change the area. If you are logged out, you should have already set the China region anyway, but to ensure that your application is updated, you should log in.

In "Settings", it only has "Temperature Unit" and "About". That's it. My app has been updated.

This is weird. Another thing-there are two Aqara apps, but you should only use one, called Aqara Home. The Aqara logo is blue. I believe the Aqara logo of the other application is yellow.

This is blue. I have downloaded this application via QRCode in the Aqara Hub manual.

I think I found the problem. I am using Android, I have checked it on the Apple Store and it is 1.4.5.

Ah, I see, yes, it will make a difference.

Read and re-read the posts here and there, hope someone can help me make a decision. Will the Mijia Gateway become obsolete and Aqara will take over? I am in Australia and want to know which one is the best in terms of features, software and future-proofing? I am an Android user, so Homekit on Aqara is not really helpful. idea?

If you only intend to use android for the foreseeable future, it may not make much sense to get Aqara Hub, unless it is a newer product in general, which may or may not mean that it is more powerful. I think anything that can be bound to the Mijia gateway can also be bound to the Aqara gateway, although there may be problems with which products and which servers are used. I recommend sticking to Mijia.

When I tried to bind Aqara Hub in Mainland China, I received this message: "Error code 601, attachments not found in the backend server". How can I solve this problem?

Hi Gustavo, I don’t remember if I have seen this error message before, but I can ask, do you want to add this to the Aqara app, Mi Home app or Apple Home app? Or has it been added to one of them?

I added this to the Aquara application. There was a problem when I tried to bind to the Aqara backend server. If I do not log in to the aqara server, the hub and children's devices are working. When trying to add to Mi Home, Aqara Hub ends but does not appear in the device list. I am using a newer iPhone 6s.

Have you read my page on troubleshooting?

Does the latest firmware "share" the Mi Home device with HomeKit? Specifically, I am very interested in air purifiers because I have Mi Purifier 2S. If it does work, it feels like it is a better alternative to homebridge.

Hi, it will only share certain devices, and then the devices that can/need to go through the Aqara hub. The air purifier is wifi, so no hub is needed. However, with the latest update of the Mi Home app, you can now access Siri Shortcuts. I now let my Mi Air Purifier 2 work with Siri Shortcuts, although it is not actually HomeKit, but it is closer than before.

So I can use Mi Home app on Aqara Hub and use all my YI and MIJIA cameras, Aqara Water Leak Sensor+ also benefits from Homekit, right?

Hey. I bought this hub and equipment. There are problems: 1. Aqara wireless remote control switch with dual joysticks. How to understand whether my model is 004 or 012? I don't have double and long press. How to make no mistake when buying a new one? 2. The temperature sensor installed on the balcony. When the temperature in Apple Home is below 0, I receive an error message-Temperature sensor is not available. In this case, the humidity sensor has data. All dates exist in the Mi Home app.

Hi, unfortunately, the only way you can know which version is the newer model through the packaging. The old model is pure white with the Aqara logo, while the new model is packaged in a color box with the product printed on the front and a color image on the back. Depending on the store you choose to buy on AliExpress, some stores are happy to send you packaging pictures before you buy so that you can know their model first. As for the temperature, I believe there is currently a bug that does not allow the sensor to recognize any value below 0, but I have only heard of it from some other users.

There is no problem with the sensor. The sensor and Mijia app recognize that the temperature is below zero. But when the temperature in the home application is lower than 0, the "sensor does not respond"

Can I use aqara hub to control yeelight bulbs? Currently I have a Xiaomi gateway, a yeelight ledstrip and an aqara motion sensor, which turn on the light every time someone passes by. I want to change the Mi Gateway, but I am not sure if I can use yeelights. In theory I should, because everything is connected correctly in the Mi Home app. right?

Yeelights (I believe) are based on wifi, so they are independent of any hub, be it Aqara or Mijia hub. If you want to use Aqara Hub to control Yeelights in HomeKit, then this will not work.

Just ordered Aqara Hub. I bought it from and it says "International Version" and "U.S. plug (power adapter will be sent according to your country/region)", so I hope it can work normally in the UK? ! ? !

So, the question-is it better to use the "Aqara Home" app or the "MI Home" app for setup and management?

I will mainly use the Home app or Eve app for daily use.

Is it possible to add Mi Home 360​​ security camera to Aqara Hub?

The different Mijia/Aqara cameras available do not require a hub to operate, so they do not use Aqara or Mijia hubs.

I have successfully added the Aqara hub and 3 lights to the Aqara Home app, and I can control them through the app and iPhone Siri. I want to know if aqara hub can be controlled with two iphones?

If you want to use the Aqara app to control devices, any mobile phone logged into the same account you set up in the app can control them. If you use Apple HomeKit to control them, then you need to invite people to your HomeKit "home" to allow others to access them.

I received my hub and a lot of devices, and they are all set up now. Works great so far!

At first I could not set up the hub using the Aqara app. I set it to mainland China, but it always throws an error saying that the device cannot be found on the server.

However, I switched to the MI Home application and everything took effect immediately.

I found that if the region of the Aqara app is set to "other", I can use the Aqara app and the Mi Home app at the same time.

I hope there is a way to close the store in the MI Home app, although it is redundant in the UK and I am annoying there! The app has the ability to do this, because if you choose another area, the store will be deleted...but if I do, half of the devices will be lost!

Has anyone received push notifications through the Mi Home app? It doesn't suit me at all. This is not catastrophic because I received notifications through the Home app, but would like to know if anyone else has encountered this problem. A quick Google found that others had the same problem, but that was March 2018!

I received notifications about water leak sensors through the Mi Home app, but these are the only notifications I set in the app, so I have to try some other sensors to make sure they all work properly.

Hello, for some reason, I cannot update my Aqara Center. In fact, I have two problems: 1. If I select the "Mainland China" region, I cannot add aqara hub. It can connect to the hub and successfully add it to Homekit, but after that it will show the "bind" screen and error 601 (I tried it many times on different days). If I select the "Other" area-everything goes well 2. I cannot update my gateway firmware. I added it to the "Other" area, and then I went to Accessories -> Aqara Hub -> ... -> Firmware version. It shows me "Update in progress" and it keeps showing 0% progress without any movement. The current firmware version on my hub is 1.4.2, so I cannot add it to the Mi Home app without an update

Do you have any ideas how to solve it?

I ran into the exact same problem when using the Aqara app! I always add it to the Homekit screen, but error 601 appears during the final setup of the Aqara application.

I solved this problem from scratch by resetting the hub and setting it to the MI Home app in Mainland China. Before setting up, I first created a Mi account in the Mi Home app and set it to Mainland China again (that is, set up an account on the Chinese server). After the setting is successful, it will update the firmware to version 1.4.5 through the Mi Home application, which is reported as the latest firmware.

If I set the area in the Aqara application to the "Other" area, I can also use the Aqara Home application while using the MI Home application. In the Aqara app, I can update the firmware to 1.4.7!

By the way, Mi Home is much easier to use than Aqara!

thank you for your help. Now I can add the hub to the MI Home application and update it to 1.4.5 (but still cannot update 1.4.5 -> 1.4.7 in the aqara application). Did you use the iOS or Android app to update to 1.4.7?

Mi's family is much better, agree. But I am trying to register the hub in the Aqara application so that I can control the device from Amazon Echo. It seems that you can’t control Xiaomi’s mainland Chinese devices through Alexa (really annoying geographical differences...)

Hi, I am facing the same problem and cannot use Alexa when switching to Mainland China. Have you found any solution?

I'm pretty sure you will not be able to use Alexa, because Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are blocked in mainland China. The only exception is the Yeelight product, but you have to use the Yeelight app. As far as I know, it still only supports Google Assistant.

Hey...I have this hub to connect to the aqara switch, but I can't see any of them on my "Mi Home" app. What is the best solution for adding and configuring all other devices? thanks

Hello, I have the Chinese version of Aqara hube, which has just been updated to 1.6.2_003 in the Mi Home app. Can I now transfer from a Chinese server to Europe without losing all automation and Mi Home and Homekit? I use Aqara Door and Window Sensor Aqara Motion Sensor Aqara Wireless Mini Switch Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor Aqara Vibration Sensor Aqara Water Leak Sensor Aqara Wireless Relay Controller Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor Mi Smart Smoke Detector Mi Smart Natural Gas Detector finally how to move without setting all automation And the EU server of the child device starts

If you want to transfer to an EU server, you must uninstall the hub from Mi Home and then reinstall it to the EU server. This is likely to lose all the automation functions in the Mi Home app, most certainly the Apple Home app, although there are some ways to reduce the loss to a certain extent. You must also reinstall the device. Finally, if you install a Chinese hub to an EU server, it may not work, but even if it succeeds, you will not be able to access the hub settings through the Mijia app. It still works normally through the Apple Home app, but you also cannot quickly access the alarm switch in the Home app. Smoke and gas sensors may not work at all, because they only work on Chinese servers, even if you have a Chinese hub.

Mi Temperature and Humidity Sensor: I can't seem to find this sensor in the EU server...

Some questions: 1) Does HomeKit hub support LAN mode (developer mode) so that OpenHAB/HA etc. can read data from sensors? 2) When the alarm is triggered, did you receive the notification from HomeKit (home app) or from Mijia? thanks

Hi, the Mi temperature and humidity sensor should work normally, just add it as an Aqara sensor, it should work, although it may only work fully on HomeKit, but I can’t be 100% sure.

1. I think the Aqara hub does not have a LAN mode option. 2. For the alarm clock, you can receive two notifications at the same time, or you can receive only one of them. It all depends on how you set up automation/triggers in Mi Home and Home apps.

Hi Simon, thanks for your reply! In the Home app, I can only enable/disable sensor notifications, and I cannot configure which sensors should trigger alarms in armed mode. Mi Home can configure which sensors to trigger the alarm, but when the alarm is triggered, will both Mi Home and Apple Home send me notifications? It would be great to make a scene video.

Let me do some tests before I get back to you.

Do you have time to do an alarm test? Will you share your findings here? Thanks!

Hi, I am trying to find a way to get notifications when an alarm is triggered via the Home app, but there seems to be no way to do so, at least from my testing. Home only allows notifications when certain types of sensors are triggered-for example, motion and contact sensors. Therefore, since the alarm is not actually a sensor, there is no notification option.

Okay, thank you very much for your trial! I asked because I have a V2 gateway with HomeBridge plug-in. It seems that the local HK version does not add any new features, and it does not allow LAN protocol (for time series data from sensors), I think I will continue to use V2 now .

no problem. I think if you set the lights on the hub to different colors, there may be a way to get notifications, but the problem is the same. Even a third-party HomeKit application cannot do it.

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Thank you for updating this page Simon!

1.6.2 How stable is the update? Have you been running this?

For the Aqara Mini Switch in the Apple Home app, I can only configure single press and double press. I don't see the long press option. (My Aqara Hub is still 1.5.9, in the Mijia application on the Chinese server). Was this added after the 1.6.x update?

Hi Niels. When it was first available, I did see an update, but I initially only installed it on the backup hub, but I didn't find any problems. Then they pulled the update, which is a bit weird, but now they have released it again, I am fully confident that the update is possible. I have updated my two work centers and everything is fine so far. As far as I know, the 1.6.2 update is to activate ZigBee 3.0 for the upcoming sensor. As for your Mini Switch, I later learned that there are three versions of Switch iterations, one with single press, one with single and double press, and the third with single, double, long press and shaking, so it sounds like you There is a second iteration and it is unlikely to be updated.

Hi Simon, thanks for the very useful summary! I'm still trying to set up the hub using the Mi Home app, and every attempt ends with a "cannot add attachment" message, and the hub flashes blue. I have divided the wifi into 2.4 and 5 GHz channels, and I am using the former, tried restarting the phone and reinstalling the app several times, and renamed the server without any special characters. I am logged in as Mainland China, but I am located in Europe and use a Chinese plug device with a power adapter. I managed to connect once and use the Aqara app, and added some peripherals, then I can access these peripherals using the Mi Home app, but I cannot connect to the hub to update the firmware, so I reset and deleted my special characters The network name thinks this may be the problem. Now I can't even let it happen again. I have 2 hubs, each of which has tried a dozen times, going through the various permutations of the steps you outlined in your December post. Very frustrating... Any hints? Thanks, david

I have a Roborock T6 running through a Chinese server. I have a Roborock S5 running through a European server. Every time I use iPhones, I have to change their area and time. In any case, now that I have purchased Homekit compatible with Aqara Hub from China, can I run the vacuum cleaner through the Homekit app, or can I still use Siri Shortcuts? Can I use any automation on them now?

Hi, you will not be able to control the vacuum through HomeKit for two reasons; first, the vacuum does not require a hub to connect because it is not a Zigbee device and therefore cannot be exposed to HomeKit. Secondly, currently HomeKit does not support vacuum cleaner types. You can still create automations and run them through Siri Shortcuts, but these shortcuts only work on devices that you have logged into the relevant server. Therefore, if you have created some automation and added them to Siri shortcuts for devices on the Chinese server, once you switch to the EU server, these shortcuts will not work until you log in to the correct server again.

Simon, thanks for your quick reply.

Hello Simon, you mentioned in another comment that the existing Aqara Hub has been or will be updated to add support for Zigbee 3.0. Can you elaborate more?

– Has the update been rolled out? -Does this also apply to the new EU version? – In any case, what are the benefits of having a 3.0 certification? Does this mean we can add any Zigbee compatible device to the hub? Like lights, switches, power plugs from IKEA, Philips or any other company?

The 1.6.2_003 firmware obtained through the Mi Home app updates the Aqara hub to be compatible with Aqara's upcoming Zigbee 3.0 sensors and switches. The update was released a few weeks ago, then it was cancelled for some reason, and it was restored afterwards, although I don’t know why. I currently believe that the EU and US hubs are still at 1.5.9, at least the last time I checked.

Regarding Zigbee 3.0, the only thing I know for sure is that the signal range has been greatly increased. I have heard of improving compatibility with other manufacturers using the same protocol, but that is just a guess, and Aqara did not comment on this.

What happened to the Alexa voice control of the Aqara device using the Mi Home app, which has had the skills for many years, but does not have the functionality of the Aqara device. Phillips Hue has no problems in both worlds (HomeKit and Alexa), but Aqara in the Mi Home app seems to be stuck. I never bother with the Aqara app because I read that Alexa has limited skills and is unreliable.

Ask questions quickly. If you have been asked, we apologize. Has anyone tried to pair Sylvania Smart+ bulbs with Aquara Hub? Are they displayed in the Home kit? I don’t want to buy a bunch of bulbs and use the "Sylvania app" to get the inventory

The Sylvania smart+ bulb is Bluetooth, isn’t it? The Aqara hub only supports Zigbee-based devices, and only supports devices from Aqara or Mijia, so you cannot add any Bluetooth devices to the hub.

Do you know whether the Aqara EU hub version can run on the Mi Home App EU server, because I have my Roborock S50, which is the EU version and only works on the Mi Home App EU server? I would love to see that all my sensors currently only work on Chinese servers. As of today, I cannot use sensors and Roborock at the same time.

A few days ago, my Aqara center seemed to be offline with the associated child device in the Mi Home app. I was worried that the hub became bricked like my previous units, but it died after the firmware update. I don't remember any updates, so I proceeded to reset the device. I tried resetting several times, but it seems that I cannot connect to the Mi Home app. Intuitively, I just tried to connect it and connect in the Aqara app. All associated sub-devices now even appear in Homekit, and homekit tasks and automation work. However, the Xiaomi app still shows it as offline. Has anyone encountered this situation?

I think some people mentioned something similar on the r/Aqara subreddit –

Hi Simon, please help me, I bought an Aqara Hub (model ZHWG11LM), can I add a sensor to the Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke Detector?

Hi, which version of the hub did you buy-Chinese, EU or US model? Also, which application are you using on the hub and which server are you using-Mi Home or Aqara Home application?

1. My aqara hub is the Chinese version 2. I use Mi Home for management (I plan to create automation on this app, for example: when opening the door (I use the door sensor aqara) -> turn on the yeelight LED bulb,... 3 . Open the Mijia app, I have set up the Mainland China region. Please help me with advice. Thank you very much.

You have everything set up correctly, you can add smoke alarms or gas alarms, so you should have no problems.

I did a few more rounds of reset and added it back. In the final round, I added it to the Aqara application. Then in the Mi Home app, the hub appeared, and the app asked me if I wanted to add it to homekit. After that, it appeared again in the Mi Home app. Using a hub is still an adventure. I ordered another hub as a backup because if the Aqara hub fails, I will lose a lot of homekit functions. I can use Mi/Aqara sensors and switches to trigger Homekit operation and control my Hue lights.

Hello Simon, first of all thank you for all your work. I encountered a problem when I tried to add aqara hub to the mi home application. I have the Chinese version of 1.4.2 and I cannot perform software updates because the aqara application does not need... When I add the hub to the mi application: 1) I press the 10 second button to reset the hub 2) I turn on Xiaomi App and press the add button 3) HOMEKIT everything is ok 4) In the last step, Mijia tries to add the hub to the Mi app, it says "Connected to wifi" and the percentage progress is slow to 99% and then it says "Cannot add the hub Go to mi app" do you have a solution?

Hello, the problem here is that you cannot add the hub to the Mijia app unless the hub is running at least 1.4.5 firmware, so you need to add the hub to the Aqara app first, update the firmware, and then continue from there. You said that the Aqara app does not want to be updated-what is going on here? If you are in Europe, you cannot access the Aqara app, although there may still be a way to update the hub, but I need to ask some people.

Hello, is there any news? thanks

Hello, do you have any news? thanks

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I have a similar problem with cbarioz. My Aqara Hub is 1.6.9 SW level. It runs normally through Apple Home and Aqara Home (other regions), but it cannot be added to the Mi Home app (the connection screen reaches 99%, and then the error message "Cannot add, try again" "). I also tried to install it after selecting the China region in the Aqara or Xiaomi home app, but the hub has never been used with the Xiaomi home app.

Please note that you can only bind aqara hub to one application at a time. If it is in the Aqara app and you want to add it to Mi Home, you must first remove it from Aqara Home or transfer it to Mi Home in the hub settings in the Aqara app. There is an option that says "Support Mi Home app" and "Yes" next to it. After clicking this option, you should follow any instructions given to complete the transfer.

I forgot to say that after the "Connect" screen reached 99%, I heard the voice message "WiFi connection failed".

Thank you for your prompt reply! I have followed your instructions, clicked "Yes", and the Aqara Home app transferred me to the Mi Home app. However, I ran into the same problem on the "Connect" screen afterwards. What I have just tried is 1) completely delete the Aqara Home app, 2) reset the Aqara Hub (click the button 10 times quickly), switch the Mi Home to mainland China, and then try to install the Hub. Aqara Hub was discovered, but then I received a screen prompting me to open the Aqara Anime app to add any accessories. When I clicked on Aqara Hub in the Mi Home App, I saw the "Connecting" screen again, and finally displayed the message "Cannot add, try again". Interestingly, this time Aqara Hub did not appear in Apple Home.

I have the same problem. I have reset my Aqara hub with 10 quick presses (Aqara hub flashes yellow), can connect/configure upgrade to 1.6.9 and use the hub in Aqara app and Homekit without any problems. I cannot transfer control to the Mi app. (Model AG005 and version 1.6_9* are provided by the Aqara app.)

For the background, this was configured and working around February 2019, and I used the Mii app with door and window sensors and vibration sensors.

Question, do you know why I can’t get the Mi app to run now?

Hi Simon, any thoughts on Donald and my question?

It is difficult to determine what the problem is, but unless you have already tried it, it is better to reset the hub and add it directly to Mi Home instead of trying to move it from the Aqara app. The key to make sure is that the hub only gets the network details of the 2.4GHz signal, and you add the correct hub to the correct server, so if your hub is Chinese, you should use a server in mainland China, and a server with the US, etc. American hub.

Well, I have reset it (short press 10 times), and then added it to the server in Mainland China at Mi Home. The hub is still not visible on the Mi Home app. Is the Chinese Hub version only available in China? I am in the European Union.

I want to buy some Xiaomi temperature and humidity sensors and use them with my home assistant. Should I choose Xiaomi Aqara or Xiaomi Gateway? By the way, I am from Europe.

Hi Codrin, I am not very familiar with the Home Assistant of Xiaomi products, but I think there is no "developer mode" for the Aqara hub or the new Mi Smart Gateway. I do know that the older Mi Gateway has a developer mode and there are EU versions of these, but they are not compatible with HomeKit out of the box like Aqara or the new Mi Gateway.

thank you for your reply. I will continue to look for or wait for firmware updates or other things.

Simon, can you take a look? I see that they can connect to ha using aqara.

Hmm, I can’t send a link.

Change my WiFi password and omit special characters ". Mi Home works well with Aqara Hub in Mainland China.

great. I ran into the same problem the first time I got the Aqara hub, and changing the password is the answer.

If I have an Aqara center in China, can I set up any of these areas in the Aqara app? – Mainland China, the United States, Europe, Russia, South Korea, other regions?

If you have a Chinese hub and want to use it in Aqara apps in different regions, you must first log out and select HomeKit mode, and then add the hub. After that, you should be able to use your Chinese center in any area provided in the Aqara app.

Good morning Simon, thanks for your quick reply. So is it correct to say that the Aqara hub is not as true as the Mijia hub?

If you use the Mi Home app that is area locked, if you try to add it to the Aqara app when you log in, you will not be able to add it, but the logout/HomeKit mode in the Aqara app allows you to add any Aqara hub and Any device from any region, as long as it is supported in the Aqara app.

Hi, sorry for the nonsense that I have to say, but it is my first experience in these systems to make home automation the minimum. I ask you, please at least understand. After a long period of research, I bought an Aqara ZHWG11LM WiFi Zigbee smart gateway with related temperature/humidity/pressure sensors. Through the Aqara Home App, I can detect all sensor data without any problems. When I have to connect Aqara ZHWG11LM WiFi Zigbee smart gateway to domoticz, the problem arises and I cannot do it. I followed your guide in the post and I found that the model I purchased may not be suitable for this purpose, because the developer mode cannot be activated in any way, which allows me to access the center with a password. that's right? Am I doing it right? If it is what I want, which equivalent gateway hub do you recommend to buy/use in order to connect it to Domoticz in a simple/intuitive way? I thank you in advance.

Hi. The only hub that still has a developer mode is the second-generation Mi Hub, which is old but still available for purchase. This is one of the links on AliExpress.

£19.07 26% off | Mi Gateway 2 Original Mijia Smart Home Kit Gateway Hub Alarm System Control Radio Easy Camera Mi Door Sensor Bell Temperature

All other models such as Aqara hub, EU Mi hub and the new Mi Smart Gateway have a developer mode.

Hi, thank you for your answer.. As you recommend, I have placed an order for Mi Gateway 2 Original Mijia Smart Home Kit Gateway on AliExpress. Thank you very much again, I can configure it after it arrives, and I will promptly Update... Regards, Claudio

No problem, you're welcome. hope everything is fine.

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