This beast-like land truck can be your off-road camper today

2021-11-16 08:05:55 By : Mr. Ted Tang

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Someone built an off-road truck camper on the F-750. Now you can buy it.

Land transportation has never been so popular. As we saw at the 2021 SEMA show last week, there are several independent brands producing cool off-road campers. Even major automakers like Toyota have joined this trend.

Ordering your own customized version may mean a long wait time for most companies. However, if you want a vehicle that you can live in now—and are not satisfied with just renting one—Global Expedition Vehicles, headquartered in Missouri, is currently selling one of their off-road truck campers with display specifications.

This car was first discovered by Motor1 and it was their 2021 adventure truck. It looks like an absolute beast. It was built on the chassis of a Ford F-750 Super Duty commercial truck in 2004 and has a mileage of 50,000 miles. It is equipped with off-road modifications, including semi-automatic tire inflation system, off-road bumper with brush guard, front winch and auxiliary LED lights. You can also get some modern features such as satellite radio, GPS navigation, backup camera and updated headlights.

The 2021 adventure truck has a GXV fiberglass composite molded body with a size of 12' x 6'. The cabin itself can sleep three people, a full-size bed and a dining table for two that can be converted into a sleeper. Internal facilities include stainless steel sink, single burner induction cooker, Vertifrigo refrigerator, microwave, wet bathtub with shower, heating and air conditioning. The exterior modification includes a roof rack and two awnings.

Planning to leave the grid temporarily? You may not have to worry about the mileage of the 240-gallon fuel tank. The rig can also store 90 gallons of fresh water and 20 gallons of grey water. The Mastervolt power setup includes an 800 Ah Li-ion battery and 600 Watt solar panel.

The 2021 adventure truck is not a custom job. But as a show truck, it also has many options, so don't expect a killer feature. Global Expedition Vehicles offers this truck on its website for $345,000.