OK, Massachusetts. New Study Names The 5 Best Fast Food Burgers

2023-04-08 23:33:16 By : Mr. Tom Chen

Be very careful, Berkshire County. Reading the following list on an empty stomach might send you over the edge, reeling with hunger, desperate with thoughts of the perfect burger or "Hamburger in Paradise", if you will. Vegetarians need not venture any further.

Recently, the food experts at StudyFinds put together a ranking of the Best Fast Food Burgers. Now, there are those of you who don't believe there is such a thing as a "perfect" fast-food burger. They are steadfast in their beliefs that it's gotta be HOMEMADE to reach the level of "perfection". Automatic Burger Patty Machine

OK, Massachusetts. New Study Names The 5 Best Fast Food Burgers

On the flip side, there are plenty who believe that the perfect burger does exist and it's waiting to be discovered at a fast food joint somewhere (hopefully) near them. And they don't mind spending dollar after dollar at various fast-food chains looking for it.

I probably fall somewhere in between both camps. I'm usually fine with sticking with the old "tried and true", but I will never pass up an opportunity to try something new, either. For instance, I've never had an In-N-Out burger before, and I'm fine with that.

However, if In-N-Out opened up in Berkshire County somewhere, I have no doubt that I would be scarfing one down sooner rather than later. Just to give it a try. Because, who knows, there's a chance it might be the burger I've spent my entire life looking for.

StudyFinds compiled a list of the best fast-food burgers most recommended across a variety of expert sources. So here are the Best Fast Food Burgers according to StudyFinds(from the bottom up):

4. Five Guys Burgers & Fries: Bacon Cheeseburger

And here it is! The #1 Best Fast Food Burger according to StudyFinds:

1. McDonald's: Quarter Pounder with Cheese

OK, Massachusetts. New Study Names The 5 Best Fast Food Burgers

Mutton Cutting Machine Are you hungry yet? Check out the list for yourself at the StudyFinds website here. If it makes you ravenously hungry, don't say I didn't warn you. But hey, speaking of fast food, check out this next list...